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Are gamers the new hippie generation? Maybe.....

I was watching a show earlier about the counter-culture phenomenom and saw many similarities between gamers and hippies and some that are pretty far apart as well. Lets dissect! Reasons why: #1: Age. Hippies were mainly younger but also...


The good story about death thats video-game related.

With so much negative press on both sides of gaming and things related i was personaly moved almost in this story by the way it stays positve and talks about that touchy subject of death and games. this a copy pasta of it. """"Deaths of ...


Twisting your arm.

I jumped from site to site, scowering the news that was useful to know, joining a handful of obsure sites that offered tidbits of the old surfergirl insider news/rumors. I had not been to d-toid just yet. Then one day on the ps-blog i got l...


Keeping your ps3 healthy

Hello all, i'll cut right down to business here. I know and have heard a few people are having problems with their ps3 and i have a few simple rituals that i do to keep mine healthy. I highly suggest them to all ps3 and console owners. #1...


Gaming with others: PSN Poker Nights

The deck has been shuffled, the players are drinking, the eyecamera is focused, we see each others face, i decide to see if the bluff i just called is indeed a bluff, my two pair is decent, but his jack is higher, if i were to know i would ...


PSN Poker Nights: The Sho Nuff Challenged Edition

Its that time again for poker with the boys. This week i issued a challenge to the fail-troll Sho Nuff, i think he got banned soon after though. He did accept the challenge and if he happens to be reading this then read the rest of the blo...


(NVGR) Only Mel Brooks can do the Hitler rap

My brother showed me this just a few minutes ago and i laughed out loud, then i pee'd in my toilet. Only Mel Brooks can do this and if you watch the majority of his films their are numerous Hitler references in them. I don't know when he di...


PSN Poker Nights

I'm changing the game-night to tuesday (today!) because of x-mas and the psn likes to release things on thursday and many people like to play the newest demo for hours on end forgetting the non-commitment they made. If you can't read a te...


PSN Poker Night

The return last thursday of poker was great, we had a full table, some new people, and i was king of straights for a time. It was a good night going for a few hours. This night will be the same, only better. Requirements are High Stakes on...


My review of your review

I don't do reviews, i've never thought i should try to do one. I've never had that urge to try to rate or judge a game based on my experience of it. I've given props to games, i've given recomendations to buy a game but never have thought t...



It's back, it's still fun, the atm is still there, the twacked out potheads who are utterly hilarious are still there, the eye camera still works perfect for it, Video_Cognito still doesn't have one, Brainderailment still can't find the roo...


Level 5 to go exclusive after White Knight success?

Yep, that may be right. I'm gonna paste the original article now for you to read instead of linking it. This is written by Ben Dutka of psxextreme.com "Merely hours after we questioned Square-Enix's potential bias this generation, we've ...


Funny Killer Videos (NSFW)

I just stumbled across the one. This one i entered deathstroke just to see what popped up and now i don't have to label the blog with the ole nvgr tag. And for some boobs, i entered donkey punch. lol Now lets see what tit stom...



Happy thanksgiving to everyone here and not here. Hope the turkeys and hams are fully cooked and delish to dine upon. Make those punkin' pumpkin pies for me in a shake, so i can drink it quick. Not a big fan of those yams myself but i hope...


You like Mandy X!

I've been absent from the psn for some time now. Well, as of this coming monday, i move into my new home with internet enabled and have missed those great social interactions only provided by the psn. Like that poker game i think alot of ...


I am the wind. An ode to the symphony of the night

"Just like the sun, when it's done, sometimes i don't like the person i've become" are some of the lyrics you'll hear upon completing this masterpeice of a game. "SPOILER ALERT". You start the game as the Belmont "Richter" and then proc...


ps3 homebrew blocked by latest update.

Once again the homebrew community has been cockblocked by the big bad wolf (sony). It was most likely due to fact that BD-J emulators were being produced. I knew this would happen but it happened much later then i expected it to reminding...


The FEAR: the sliver of life

I go on toying with the game, having fun with it, then look to realise that i only have one more hit before i'm taken out and have restart or re-spawn. Now i'm worried, dangerous, crazier then a shit house rat, tension built high and so thi...


H.G. Qrazes The Time Machine

For a bit now since installing linux on my my ps3 and my internet being turned off i"ve been in a state of reclusion. I've just been playing old games and gameboy shit i missed out on when i was younger. I've now beat chrono tr...


The racism that companies do.

I've thought about this for a few days now and came to a conclusion= consoles are racist, not against black or white but all other colors minus grey ( which is black and white combined), let me reiterate for you. ...


Why RE1 to me is the greatest RE

The most awesome game i have ever played, also the first game to scare me, make me realise i was a gamer and made me nervous to play it. It wasn't because it was a great game but quite the opposite, it was horrible. The script was crap, t...


PS3 homebrew:the creators create

Okay after a few weeks since the bd-lava homebrew start the games are starting to roll out, with no hinderance of firmware updates. The people who do the co...


Linux is in the house! But...

I just got linux installed and am ready for some free gaming goodness except i've ran into a problem when trying to install the emulators, they just won't show up in the add/remove app. Don't know what it could be and some help would be muc...


Holodeck copiers.

With all the crap concerning copying and stealing consoles,controllers,cell phones and more that i forgot where the true inspirations came from.Well, i remember and we really owe star trek in ways we'll never understand.The holodeck is virt...


About Qrazeone of us since 6:23 PM on 01.12.2008

my favorite games are and in this order until after gta.
the Metal Gear series as a whole.
the final fantasy series as a whole.
the gta series as a whole.
the first resident evil.
the first suffering.
the castlevania series as a whole.
some super mario world of course.
a few zelda titles.
the aqua teen hunger force as a whole.
the soon to be announced rob zombie game (my breath is held).
contra 1,2 and super.
streets of rage.
soulcaliber series as a whole (soul blade included).
some game by the name of chronic the hemphog.
burning the trees.
barak obama: the anti-chr...
the devil my cry series as a just the first two.
chrono trigger and cross.
kotor 1 and 2.
gran turismo.
ssx tricky (its tricky,tricky!).
sim earth.
sim ant.
lake and ocean odell.
evo:the search for eden.
star ocean snes.
front mission as a series.
r.a.d.(robot alchemic drive).
frequency (due to the fact i was into eating beans a few years ago and you could easily create awesome blow-up beats and fuck like a rabbit with a horse cock).
that one where you did that thing that was cool and shit.
mario kart64.
and oh so many i can't remember but they were good games i think.

greatest video game/related movies:
silent hill (just for mirroring the source material so well)
brainscan (way ahead of its time)
and i think thats about it for the movies.

music: i love all kinds of musak but my favorite is hardcore and hip-hop. but i also listen to reggae, bluegrass, punk, old rock and roll, jazz, blues, fucking everything we as humans can perform well. My favorite band is AC/DC (Bon Scott era). And Tupac Shakur (The best fucking ever) and A Tribe Called Quest (smooth shit, like real smooth).

my greatest inspiration: Nicola Tesla.
i slowly turn the heat up in the shower until it doesn't go no more.
fire it up.

message me to play whatever psn id: Qraze
Xbox LIVE:no box for me
Mii code:i pii on the wii


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