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Destructoid and Quail: A Love Story (NVGR)

It seems like lately a lot of people have been dealing with vast quantities of unpleasantness, and only recently has the collective fortune of the unlucky taken a turn for the better. I've had my own rashers of shit to contend with resul...


The Seattle Indoctrinarium

The funny thing about Seattle is the level of intolerant bigots we have here in spite of our reputation for being an open minded, progressive city. On a regular basis there are a group of folks that stand on the street corners of our dow...


Kevin Smith's custom 'Clerks' Wii

Most of us have seen Clerks right? I mean, come on, it was one of those movies that like it or not followed us through our formative years; likely resulting in a slew of school office visits (or entertained friend) when a line from the m...


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