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I wanna rock (ROCK)!

Yes, this is about Rock Band. Derp.

After getting it on launch day and having a crack at everything it has to offer, I have come to these conclusions:

- If you have a vocalist in your multiplayer group, for the love of God, force them to play on Hard. Now, this may seem difficult, but at least it will force them to try and get close to the original song, not just hum through it.

- You can be a vocalist! The strangest people have some of the best voices for this game - doubly so if they have partaken in the strange ritual of "Car Karoke".

- The drums are fucking hard. 'Nuff said.

- They absolutely murdered Ballroom Blitz. Thankfully, most of the song can be "Freestyled", so just turn down the inherent volume and belt it out.

- This game was definitely worth the money. It's still really expensive, though.

- The guitar it comes packaged with got one thing awesomely right, and another two things horribly wrong. Basically, the fret buttons are fantastic. Just stiff enough to give solid results, nicely spaced, and they are monstrous compared to GH2's buttons. Makes all your hammer-ons that much easier. However, the strum bar in every way fails horribly. And so does the tilt sensor.

- For the love of God, if they get Led Zepplin like the press release claims, it better have the Immigrant Song. And Stairway. And Ramble On.

- Pleasure (Pleasure) is the new Raining Blood/ Psychobilly Freakout. Green Grass and High Tides has a wicked angry solo, but I want to see ONE human being capable of those hammer-ons in the solo.

All in all, I will sum this up with a story. The story of four brave young souls, who challenged the Blue Oyster Cult on Expert, save for our drummer who was being a bitch and did it on Hard. It was one of rock legend. 100% Vocals on (Don't Fear) The Reaper. On Expert. And geuss what? YOU DON'T GET THE ACHIEVEMENT UNLESS EVERYONE PLAYS ON EXPERT! /ANGRY!
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