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I ain't dead.

Well, I'm not :P

I've been away for a long while; no reading posts, no comments, no forum forays. The reasoning behind this is mainly because I have gotten laid off a month ago (almost two months now, sheesh). I've been working my ass off trying to find a job, and our local job market includes the phrases "whould you like fries with that?". My reaction to this is......well, I'll put it simply.


So aside from that, I have also been playing my games. What games? CoD4 (trying to finish it on Veteran; for fucks sake, do all volunteer militias get issued a crate and a half of grenades?), little bit of Warriors Orochi and more recently Dynasty Warriors 6. I've also been hitting up the WoW scene, and waiting ever so patiently for the Warhammer 40k MMO to start leaking screenshots.

Now, I'm back. I really did miss the community like someone would miss a group of friends. I miss actually playing FNF's with people, and I miss having the good arguments and conversations about every facet of gaming. While I never did get the store started up to do circumstances (read: bullshit), I still want to be apart of the bigger picture that this place seems to make here. I'm really looking forward to the next big game debate, and I'm glad I can still have the chance to fuck around here.

Also, cocks.
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