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Game Store Update: Back from the Grave?

Well, not exactly.

If you've been reading up, I've been fighting a never ending uphill shit storm with an entity known as 'The Banks". While my business plan is good, my buisness model clear, and having decent credit, I have been thwarted by what some may call a bullshit tactic (at least I do) of having no collatoral. I have nothing that they could sell should this not work out. I understand the implications here and it's importance, but it's still bullshit.

Well, I have found a private investor. Someone with the bank to not need a loan, and the desire to start a similar business. One problem:

I don't particularly like this person.

Now, I can be civil with him to be sure. But he is a raging fanboy of all things Sony (not that being a Sony fanboy has anything to do with it; fanboys in general make me want to eat a busload of small children). He is also arrogant, and really grinds on the gears after just a short few minutes of hearing him talk, let alone have a conversation with him.

So I am in a dilemma: do I give out HALF the company just to ever get it off the ground, and compromise a large number of plans and ideas just to ever see it liftoff, or do I suck it up and figure thing's out on my own? I know that if this happens, I doubt that he would be content to just be a partial owner (which is something I can deal with). I'm just not really sure on what I should do. Been doing a lot of thinking and praying on it, but I'm still not sure on this course of action.

Seeing as how I have a little bit of time to rearrange what I've got to show him, I'll just go and see what he thinks. If it's something I'm not cool with, we can call it off. And I'm not gonna show him all the stuff lest he be the third person to try and swipe this idea out from under me, just a taste. More info as I get it.
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