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om nom nom... there's no sign saying don't feed the princess

So I was on vacation a little while. One of the best things to happen was that my brother downloaded the Fat Princess demo for PS3. One of the other best things to happen was that my brother decided to buy Fat Princess because the demo was a hell of a good time.

What's up with that? The most recent update for the game added 4 player couch co-op to the game, including the online mode. The game was cute fun, but I always go for a game with more meat on its bones when I'm playing on my own... but with friends and/or family present the only acceptable response to "grab your hat, we're pwning noobs in Fat Princess" is to grab your hat and start pwning noobs in Fat Princess.

In terms of gameplay, Fat Princess is a very lean RTS where players each control one character directly. There are hats you can wear to turn your willager into one of a Worker, a Warrior, a Wizard, a Warcher or a Wpriest. The fighting and healing classes work like you would expect... warrior chops, archer shoots, mage burninates, priest heals. The worker is necessary to harvest lumber and metal, upgrade your castle's hat-factories (giving the advanced version of the corresponding character class) and build defenses or shortcuts throughout the map. They're also the fastest class which makes them great for carrying materials and cake back to your castle, and the go-to guy for escaping from the enemy castle with your princess. Every class has a handful of attack modes and are enjoyable to play, the real fun comes from well teamwork. Co-ordinated tactics and strategy between a handful of players is devastating in comparison to an every-man-for-himself offense. Other times, you end up on a team with my daughter and get turned into a chicken a lot. That's fun too.

Speaking of kids, it's well known that this game features a ton of cartoonish blood and gore and not at all mentioned that you can turn it off. It's not as good as the "no blood" option in Alien Hominid where it's replaced by sprays of flowers, but the gameplay is really kid-friendly, especially now, and one reason I passed on this game at release was that reviews never mentioned that the graphics could be set to match.

So yeah, there it is. The inclusion of couch co-op increases Fat Princess from a cute-but-eh title to an essential PSN game for anyone with one or more friend to share it with.
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