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Gaming Setup + Cactuar and friends

For my second blog I am posting my setup and my boyfriends setup which are next to each other. I have also included a few pics of my plushies and Valkyria Chronicles figurines.

This is the room we do all our gaming in. We both have 32 inch TVs and our own games on each side. We would get bigger TVs but then we would need to mount them on the walls so not worth it yet. It is very tempting to just buy a huge 50 inch LCD to put in the middle though.

Here is a closer pic of my setup, with backwards compatible PS3 and a 360 elite. I have another 360 but gave that to my parents to get them into gaming. I don't have any of my older consoles set up at the moment since I'm playing mostly PS2 games on my PS3.

These are most of my games. I only got back into gaming a year and a half ago so am still building up my collection. None of my last gen games are in the pic. A lot of my PSP and DS games aren't there either because they are in various places.

Here is a closeup of some of my games. At the moment I am trying to buy all the PS2 RPGs I missed when I wasn't gaming but some are hard to find, like the SMT games and anything by NIS. I hate buying pre-owned but don't have much choice.

This is my boyfriends setup. He only bought a 360 about a year ago and I'm trying to convince him to get a PS3. I offered to buy him one but he is waiting for GT5.

These are his games. There are also some random DVDs there because we use his TV when we watch anything.

Lately he has mostly been playing Forza with the steering wheel.

Here is my PSP and DS with the cases I keep them in. I have both of them in my bag at all times except when playing. I mostly play on the daily train trip to and from work and sometimes in my lunch break but if I am really enjoying a game I play it at home too.

These are some of the various accessories and controllers we have. I force my boyfriend to play DDR with me sometimes.

Here is Cactuar with my other plushies. I have a pre-order for Moogle and Tonberry which is meant to be on its way soon. I really want the Teddie plushie but it is impossible to find. I'm planning to buy Jack Frost and Izanagi too once I find a shipping service.

And finally here is a preview for a future post - my figures.

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