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This achievement has meant nothing.


DanMazkin is Online

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Come on, come on...


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Friends List

DanMazkin - At dashboard, away for 15 minutes


fuck fuck fuck!



Record message

DanMazkin, *sniff* it's Robot, Swift Robot.
You're on my friends list so I think you should know... I've whored a lot of achievement games. Some shovelware from the rental store uptown uh.. some downloadables maybe 5 or 10..
um that Yaris game I found on LIVE Arcade. I left it on my hard drive along with some doritos game.

I played King Kong, my old game, with 1000 achievement points, and some game.... some old casual game with cars last week! I beat another game with a cheat book...


I had to, I almost didn't get the points, *sniff* and something else there I can't remember maybe a movie game... but that's beat too.

And uh Avatar. I played Avatar for five minutes straight, the disc is collecting dust on a shelf in a preowned store! I don't want to leave anything out here... I guess I've played maybe 20 shovelware games, maybe 40. I have youtube videos of a lot of it, *sniff* uh some of the guys on my friends list have seen the videos. *sniff* I even, um....


I bought a hacked controller... and I tried to cheat a little.


Tonight I, uh, *laughter* I just had to get a LOT of achievements! And um... I'm not sure I'm gonna get away with it, this time. So I mean.... ah, I guess I'm a pretty uh... I mean I guess I'm a pretty cool guy....

So, if you get back tomorrow... I may show up on the forums, so... you know...
keep your eyes open.

Message sent

*Deep sigh*



Game Download Complete - Space Giraffe
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