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ShortBlog: MechWarrior trailer revealed!! *Updated*

Well, mentioned it in the forums and I posted a rumor yesterday.

Now, MechWarrior fans rejoice! Smith & Tinker and Pirahna games are definitely making MechWarrior. And to be extra nice they have given us a shiny new trailer to fap to.

And fap I shall!

IGN have also offered a hefty Q&A with Piranha and Smith & Tinker if you are wanting to see what direction they are taking the new MW game.
Heres a hint: Not MechAssault.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and start shopping for which Battlemech I shall bring ruin with in the new game. Hmmmm, Vulture... Madcat... Atlas.... Supernova.... Damn! So many choices!

Here are some details of the game so far from the Q&A.

- Its a series reboot set before the first MechWarrior game. "Not your father's MechWarrior"

- It's an Action-Simulation, no MechAssault arcade action here

- It Involves Co-Op through the main campaign

- Theres a change in focus from wide open spaces to more urban combat, also destructible environments are in.

- There's a focus on 'information warfare', basically knowing who the enemy is and where he is, this is helped with UAVs and Scout Class Mechs (great for co-op).

- It's being developed for PC and Xbox360 (so far)

- It uses the Unreal3 engine

- Multplayer is also in, including a COD4 style experience system.

- The multiplayer battle looks to be a consistent battle that the devs will change the parameters of over time depending on the outcome of the 'war' (probably similar to ChromeHounds)

- The devs hope to include a PC vs 360 aspect like ShadowRun (but, y'know, without the suck ;P)

- And S&T are in talks with a lot of publishers, they won't name who's in the lead yet but there's a lot of interest. Especially since this is aiming to come out for BattleTech's 25 anniversary.

Aaaaaand thats about it.
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