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Hey it's that PuppyLicks guy... and he does art now?


Hey all,

I've been absent off the Dtoids for a while now but it's about time I got reconnected with the community. I've been travelling all over the shop from December to about August like some smelly backpacker and I am now home safe and sound. 

So what the hell have I been doing? Well I have been going through the trials of getting oneself reestablished after someone uproots their life for an eight month period, hell I'm still getting things sorted and have now officially been unemployed for the longest time since I was 13. But as well as all that stuff, I've been getting reacquainted with my old friend, the Xbox. Been throwing a lot of time into Reach, good shit that, and since I am poor right now I have not made many other new game purchases. But Reach is keeping me occupied so that'll do until I finally land me a job.

Speaking of jobs, that's the other thing that has consumed most of my time since I have been back. Job seeking, but more specifically, trimming and buffing up my work to help get me a good graphic design job. I didn't post much of the stuff I made on Dtoid in the past because frankly I di
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Here are the videogaming thoughts of some guy who probably should be working right now. I blog sometimes and comment often. I'd like a job involving videogames somehow but I'm not quite there yet, so in the meantime I just try to enjoy life and play a lot of games.

I wish this was me in my free time.

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I has a PS3 now, my fanboy days are over. Woo for equal opportunity :D

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I'm also part of a podcast, a very unofficial one. Made by Aussies for Aussie Dtoiders and other Dtoiders who like to listen to Aussie Dtoiders. Check that shit out.

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