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What ISP to use?

so my isp (comcast) has been basicaly a piece of shit lately and i was wondering what i should swith to. I do a speed test and get very shitty download rates. i have dd-wrt installed on my lynksis wrt54g and still get shitty speed. DIRECT ...


It be a party in ventrilo

come in and have a party with us. it is made of win and this post is made of bad grammers also one line posts ar gay so here is my second line bitch wardrox: hey jim wardrox: i have somthing i need to tell you Jim Sterling: Can't talk, in t...


Xbox Support is Worthless

called xbox support because my live account is still listed as a juvenile account and i am unable to fix it so i bring you this tirdy some minute sound file made of fail and of course some lulz got the email to change after some fucking a...


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