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CSG Progression

HEY EVERYONE!!! My name is Karryon Dietrich and let me be the first to say I love video gaming. But now instead of just playing video games, I'm now starting to learn to make them. This is actually my first blog ever on anywhere and im exci...


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Karryon Dominick Dietrich
Milwaukee WI
Class Course: Computer Sim. & Gaming (CSG)

Hello gamers! i have been playing video games since i was around 3 years old. my first game being Donkey Kong Country 1. You know the simple run to the end of the level, jump on enemies, Mario -style with a twist game. I just simply love video games to the core. Everything about video games intrigue me. how it works, how the enemy AI's react with your game play, etc.. That's why I love what I'm doing and where I'm going with my career. to better understand the concept of making a great game!