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Zack & Wiki: Unreleased Content?

When I tell people that Zack & Wiki is my favorite game for the Wii, they usually tell me "Oh right, I heard that game was really good. I didn't buy it though." Despite all the praise and pleas from review sites, Z&W never had a large prese...


Belated Introduction Post

If I were born in any previous era, I would be completely fucked. That's because I've been a video gamer before I even owned my first console. When I was growing up my parents never bought into the whole "video game" fad, and my first con...


Nothing is Sacred: Character Customization

I've really wanted to play Mass Effect since it came out years ago and all my friends were ranting about it, but it wasn't until the other day that I was able to see it in action. It looked really fun, especially the battles and conversat...


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