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The Price Is Wrong... but should have been Right


Dear UbiSoft...

So last night I was drinking at a friend of my wifes house yesterday. Well, I wasn't drinking, I opted to be the D.D for the night. After some fun and frolicking we broke out the Wii.

My wife's friend had a vast selection of shovelware, as any single mom's game selection would have. We decided, that since there was four of us, that we'd play UbiSoft's The Price Is Right.

Now I thought to myself, that the Wii would be the perfect console for a Game Show game, especially the Price is Right. It is a game chock full of mini games, and should be something really fun. Well, as the saying goes, you know what happens when you assume things.

First thing I noticed was there was 8 generic characters to choose from, and they all look bad. The one kind of looked like my friend Brett, so I chose him and named it accordingly. Now, I'm not sure about any sort of licensing issues or what, but this and any other game show game would seem like the perfect opportunity to use one of the thousands of Mii's that the children made. I mean, why not? Is it harder to code that in then it is to create 8 brand new hideous new generic characters? Or is Nintendo just a terrible Monopolizing pricks that read all the same marketing books as Microsoft? Just doesn't make sense to me?!?

Next thing I noticed was that there was no Drew Carey. WTF?!? I read his autobiography (great book btw if you can find it) and he seems like a guy that would totally jump on doing some voice over work. Even throwing in the odd little joke hear and there. I mean, who doesn't want to be immortalized in their own video game, right? I could see Bob Barker not doing it back in his day, just because he's old and probably hates teenagers (unless their models) but Drew would be all over that. He even has an exhibit at Disneys Hollywood Studio's in Orlando, so it shows that he's up for doing different stuff.

But now for the game play, first it has the four contestants standing at their podiums. Just like the show. How great would it have been to have an audience of Mii's, doing the whole spotlight thing and having buddy say, "COME ON DOWWWN!!" but no.... just standing at the podium. Dropped the ball there bitches.

So you're all just standing at the podium, waiting on the item to bid on. Now they actually have FMV scenes of models showing off the products your bidding on, including the cheesy scenarios they put them in just like the show. I'll give them points for that one. Everybody bids, and whoever wins, gets to pick the first game.

Now I understand that they do this for pacing purposes, so I'll let this slide... but why should you get to pick your game? Nobody picks their game on the show? Is it just to reward you for wining the opening bid? In my opinion, that is so gay that Anthony Burch should burn a cross on Ubisofts front lawn.

The price of your item you bid on goes on your score... that is enough in my opinion. Also, the right to go first is pretty cool. But the games should be random for everyone... just like the show. Drew "F'n" Carey should give you a random game to play.

As far as I know, all of the Price Is Right mini games are present. Like Plinko (btw being good at Peggle does NOT make you a Plinko expert) the one with the yodeling mountain climber and the golf one. There were plenty others, so I assume it's all of them. No Drew Carey though. They all play just like you'd expect them to, using the Wii controls, so you are on the right track there at least.
Then you spin the big wheel, and it looks just like it does on the show... sans Drew... and the two winners of that get to go on to the Showcase Showdown.

It's a pretty well done game, but just the few little changes could have made it 100% better, IMO. It's little things like this that add this title to the giant pile of shovelware the Wii has behind it.
EVERYBODY has at least seen the Price is Right and has probably bid right along with the contestants and said "Damn I could have won that". So it seems to me like this would have been the perfect family game for the casual gamer. Hell, grandma would probably play it too. But because of these few faults I'd still throw it around the 6 out of 10 area.

Thanks for reading.
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