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The Gaming Experience

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The inFAMOUS Experience

This is my first blog, really on anything ever so I'll try to keep it brief. Currently I've been playing through SuckerPunch's inFamous for the Playstation 3. What can I say about this game?
The game started out kinda disappointing me right before I bought it. I wanted to pre order it because I wanted the demo before all my friends. But because I don't have a GameStop close by, I had to go to Wal-Mart, so I missed out on the exclusive power, the Gigawatt Blades, which I got to miss out on. How fair is that? I guess I could have preordered it from GameStop online, but I sorta think that they're douches. Gee, I wish ScrewAttack had a store like that, I would buy from it all the time. I would love to support them, keep up the great content guys! This is my favorite site on the net... sorry, I digress from my point. My sorry ass took the early demo, and I smiled.
So, I get home, install the demo and get this on the way. I've seen lots of videos and trailers for the game, but I'm still not sure what to expect. Did I just spend 10 bucks on a demo for a game that I'll never wanna play?!? But as soon as it fades in onto that building and I jump on the telephone wire I'm hooked.
The game follows middle aged Cole, who is a lowly bicycle messanger that delivers a bomb into the middle of nowhere (Whatís in the box man, Whatís in the bawwwkss) that goes off and gives him superpowers. Then you are right there with Coles ascendancy from mortal to God of Thunder. Which truly becomes evident, because youíre literly Immortal. Once you die, there is usually a respawn point shortly before it, so the fear factor of the game is low. If I have some friends come over, I have no gripes with handing them the controller to have a crack at a mission or even a boss. Which in my eyesÖ is a good thing.
Thereís also a morality gauge that lets you choose to be a happy God or a Vengeful God. This is a good quality in a game, that I think every game should have at this point, and thereís no real excuse not to have it. But I thought to myself that I wanted to be a boy scout this round. I usually go for the latter, then end up not trying the good side. Evil is fun, so for this game, Iím using it as my reward. What Sucker Punch decided to do, was give you different powers based on which side of the karma spectrum youíre on. Decisions equal award, always win. But there is no reward for being neutral, so thereís no diplomacy involved. As a good guy, people worship me, help me in situations and thank me all the time. Your welcome guys, it was my pleasure.
The parkour system that allows you to climb on almost everything you could see. Think kind of like, the Tony Hawk series, when you can get off your board and climb up everything. This is actually pretty fun. I especially like it when I get into a tight spot where I'm out numbered and there's actually a little bit of fear inspired. Which is impressive, that even the God of Thunder can fear for his life once and a while. And once you upgrade your abilities to move around the city, it really becomes a joy. There is a documented complaint/joke that Coleís weakness are chain link fences, because they are impassible almost in a glitchy fashion. Honestly, I didnít really notice this until I read it, but now it can be a pain in the ass. Go figure.
Combat it pretty good. Thereís a lot of enemies to dispatch, and the tools to do it. You start off with a lightning bullet that you shoot from your hands, and a force push attack, and later get other powers depending on if you chose Vengeful or Happy. All of the powers also have three upgrades, and each side of the spectrum has their own upgrades as well, so it does really turn into two different games. Thereís a pretty good one button melee combo, but the game lacks from a grapple/throw mechanic. You should totally be able to give innocent civilians the Raiden fatality where you hold them up by the neck and shock their face off! How rad would that be? Oh waitÖ Iím trying to be good here. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. The dodge system is alright, Iíve seen better, but without a lock on system, it can be tricky. The staple of most games with any game these days is a good cover system, and Infamous nailed it. Killing is lots of fun, especially with the Halo-esc sticky grenades and firing people off the top of a tall building with your force push.
Thereís not much else to tell about being a good guy, but luckly I did a second play through on hard, as an evil god. I figure that itíll be easier to play when the citizens are just fodder. But they turn into much more then that. Regular people become a source of food! Suck the electricity from some poor saps brain, and it gives you full health and mana! Thatís itÖ Iíve decided to become a Vengeful Vampire Thunder God. Hard as Fuck! People now fear me, some rebel against me by throwing stones, shouting profanities and trying to fight me. Very brave fellows. Itís almost a shame when I blow them all out of the ocean with the stroke of my hand. And with the evil karma, your force push is electrically charged to the point where it makes cars explode. Wonder what thatís doing to there insides? Everyone else in the vicinity takes note and runs away. The only punishment I see for being bad is my grenades seem less fun. But theyíve more then made up for that with the ChainĖfuckin-Lightning! Itís the bomb, and you can use it as much as you want. If you run out of juiceÖ just consume the next poor bastard you see. They fight back when you try to. Itís a small hammer-on mini game, which really adds to the immersion.
On my second play through, on hard Iíve made it to the last boss, but he is kicking my ass pretty good. Iím trying to decide to weither to give up or not. He fries me pretty good every time. Plus my grenades kinda suck now. Errrr. I am only 2 trophies away from the Platnium. I have never even bothered to get all the trophies beforeÖ but I really want this one. Iím short 2 Blast Shards as wellÖ damnit. Blast shards are this games answer to the hidden packages of GTA. But on this game, finding more gives you more mana, and then more just for the trophy. Why do I want it? ErrrÖ I just know I do. I should go kick his ass, and then hunt those bastards down, so I can shelf this bitch for good. There will be no reason to play this after itís completely conquered, but I did get lots of time out of it. I got it opening day, and Iím just writing about it now.
I do have to say this game is a buyer, I got a lot of gaming out of it, and the side quests are pretty versatile. I dropped Assasinís Creed after the first town, because I was sick of it. If you guys are smart, you do what me and my friends do, and trade games. The economy the way their telling us it is, gotta do what you gotta do. Iím going to beat it and lend it to my friend tonight, and I know it will get a lot of joy out of people. Sucker Punch. You did a good job. Iím going to give it a 9.
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Thanks for reading.
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