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Play Like A Girl: Yes It's Another Blog About Female Gamers

Well, lets add another gamers view on female gamers. In my opinion we have been out since the Atari 2600 but for some odd reason it's now the cool and popular thing to be a GAMER CHICK!! Well me being a girl, I find it highly annoying that new people and the like are flooding the headlines with titles like Female Games Are On The Rise, Videogames Aren't Just For Males Anymore and so on and so on.

Umm videogames when never just for males, I was playing videogames even when it wasn't popular for girls and guys found it werid that I played videogames. Yes I was made fun of all through middle school because I played videogames. I remember when the N64 and Playstation came out the news wasn't rushing out stories about female gamers.

So I stole the PMS Clans little saying for the title of my blog because with the poularity of videogames ont he rise for women so of these women start making all female clans and let me give you my opinoin on them, I dislike them ALOT and some female gamers in general I don't like. I find all female clans sexist hypocrites yes I just went there. Reason number I find them sexist is when they have slogans like Play Like A Girl. Lets add me sexism where it's not needed and last time I checked they're really wasn't away to play a game like a boy or a girl, I play like a gamer, is any with me on that. If I started my own clan I would invite males and females and have a slogan thats say Gamers Know No Bounds or something like that.

So all these female clans say that they can play just like the guys and beat them in tourneys and what not and that they want to be part of the gaming community ok then but why are you separating yourselves in female only clans and thats really being part of the gaming community. Also can someone explain to my why all these female clans only play Halo 2 and Counterstrike, I mean come on there more videogames in the world then those two. I mean everytime I see a spot on tv about them they are all playing Halo 2. I would like to be the first to say HALO 2 IS OVERATED AND REALLY REALLY DAMN BORING!!! Yea I went there again.

Now I have alot more to say about female clans but I'll stop now. So onto female gamers in general, now for some reason alot of them think just because there a girl and play games the deserve special treatment well I don't think they should just because they have breast and play doesn't make you special in anyway. Another thing that bothers me about some female gamers is if you type in female gamer some pictures will pop up of women with game or game controllers on their private parts, can you say attention whore, I really don't think that is necessary for women to do that, it really doesn't help your image IMO.

Also and my final thought is why do they need to label themselves as female, women, chick or girl gamers, well for me I am a gamer plain and simple, nothing more nothing less, I play videogames because they fun, because I want to and because well they are awesome. So these are my opinions on this subject and I am not forcing them on anyone so game on my fellow gamers game on.
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