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This just made my brain explode.

Best Buy thinks your buying Assassins Creed for minors. This is one reason why I don't buy video games from big name retail chains like this. That fact that the cashier even did these is rude and really unacceptable.


2 Stories 1 Blog

Hello D-toid! Today I want to give my opinions on two stories that have been on my mind lately. The first is Street Fighter 4 and all that jazz, the second story is Play's Girls Of Gaming Issue. So on to the stories. I read the article and...


How come no love for King Of Fighters

All right I have been thinking about this for a while but I was to lazy to blog about it and I am just writing it now. Okay to the topic, I feel like there are so few people who know about this game and I really don't know why. Is it becaus...


The only game ever to make me want to throw up

Silent Hill 4:The Room. This is just from me watching my friend Sal play and it made me a little sick. I mean the stuff in here is really gross and disturbing, the colors of the walls, the enemies, the atmosphere is really creepy. I just wa...


The Virtual Community

A Whole New World Virtual Reality Last night the local news channel give a small segment about the virtual community online, click the link above to get the story, they interviwed one woman about her Second Life account and it was very int...


So what do you guys think?

All right d-toiders I need your opinion on something. It is my dream to own my own video games company that makes very awesome video games and I have a few ideas for some that I want to create. I know owning a company is going to be huge so...


North Shore Glendale earns 50+ cool points

Okay at my local mall (a.k.a Bayshore) THEY refused to put a Eb Games and/or Gamestop up because they didn't want to attract the wrong crowd, so this made me a very sad gamer but today I found out that my local Planet Hollywood is putting i...


MK: Armageddon

So I finally picked this game up on sunday and I have a like/hate thing for this game but I'll start of with the good points of the game. I am happy I can play as Sonya, Kitana and other classic characters that didn't appear in the last gam...


The awesomness of Google

First off if someone posted this already and I am really late with this, I am sorry. Okay anyway some found this on Google and type in falcon punch then hit the Im feeling lucky button this comes up. So clicky the link and read the definiti...


And you thought G4 couldn't do any worse

Well with all the Cheaters and Cops 2.0, you think G4 couldn't get any worse with the shows. Sadly on Sept. 24 they will be airing a 5.5 hours special on Halo 3 >_<. You know I am really tired of this game, it's boring, medicore and t...


Sometimes Old School New School

Don't get me wrong I love the new generation games that are coming out but sometimes don't you just to play on your N64 or Snes and play away in gaming nostalgia. Nows lets say you don't have a N64 or Snes but with todays technology you c...


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