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Akuma Matata!

<p>Kept playing as Akuma in SSF4 and this kept popping up in me and my friends mind. Figured we'd make it just to get it out of there. So here ya go! :D </p>


How to Kill a Trophy Whore

When a trophy whore starts to annoy the ever-living-shit out of his roommate a 'consultant' has to step in to show him how to 'solve the problem'.


SPF presents Miscellaneous 4!!

Project SPF's most original concept to date again again! Watch this random compilation of ADD madness and...get free Ritalin! It's true! Just visit a Walgreen's near you and receive free Ritalin upon telling them that you watched Miscellane...


Project SPF's introduction

Hi, Danji from Project SPF here. We finally occurred upon the thought of posting videos here..which is far superior to our prior options (MySpace....*ugh*). We've been making videos for a couple years now. Here are the best SPF vids...imo...


The MAG Theory

So here's our video spoofing MAG for the PS3. The concept of 256 players is exciting and all but...here's for hoping it's good! Enjoy the vid!


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