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Final Fantasy Tactics: An Acquired Taste

Can I get an amen! Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time. It is one of those relationships that has its ups and downs. It can be as fun and addicting as Super Mario Bros., then bite you in the ass like Contra. This g...


Why We Play Difficult Games

Why do we play hard games? Is it because it's the next hottest thing on the market? Is it because they are fun? These may seem like valid answers at first glance, but here is my take on the subject: When men decided to climb Mt. Evere...


Design overview

This is the design overview of MILITARY. I feel it embraces the key concepts of the game in its entirety. March 7, 2010 MILITARY Video Game Design Overview The video game I have designed is a war game that goes far beyond Call of Duty a...


About Project MILITARYone of us since 3:49 PM on 09.21.2012

This is the homepage for Project MILITARY. MILITARY is a FPS strategy hybrid that implements hardcore realistic themes to maximize the excitement factor as well as make it a great challenge. Our mission is to provide a gaming experience that gives players the opportunity to make decisions that will directly affect whether or not the player will fail challenges, or overcome them. The theme of decision making is prevalent throughout the game, as the player must contemplate the situation in front of them and choose wisely to best accomplish their objective.

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