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Blog #03 - Resident Evil Haiku

Hey there! Moving on to one of my personal favorite franchises since I was an adolescent. I hope you enjoy this set of haiku, about Capcom's survival-horror franchise. Cheers! _____________________________________________________________...


Blog #02 - Final Fantasy Haiku

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed my last blog. These poems that I am reuploading on the internet are pretty old, with these earlier ones being some of my first poems. At any rate, I give you my next blog, which is haiku about Final Fantasy,...


Blog #01 - Super Mario Haiku

Hey There! The following are some poems that I had up on other gaming websites. After updates in their websites deleted my blogs, I just forgot about these poems for a while While I was cleaning up files in my laptop (I know, cool right?...


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Hey there!

I'm a Newfoundlander who loves video games of all types, from old to new. A quick list of some of my favorite franchises include:
- Super Mario
- Fallout
- Elder Scrolls
- Half Life
- Legend of Zelda
- Mega Man
- StarCraft
- Metal Gear
- Metroid
- Castlevania

Right now I'm in university. The only next gen console I own at the moment is an Xbox 360. My gamertag is "TheRetroCactus."