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MS Tech Support has no sense of humor...

So, my 360 died. No red ring of happiness and funny fart cakes or anything like that... It just started locking up when I tried to play games. After calling Microsoft Tech Support and getting disconnected twice, I finally get Microsoft t...


My God of War Header: Yeah, It's Pretty Bad...

Obviously, I'm not very good with The GIMP. I threw this header together while I had time this weekend, so that I can get 30 more ballets in the PS3 drawing. I'm pretty ashamed of it, but I decided to go ahead and post the banner just i...


About PraiseChaosone of us since 2:51 PM on 07.23.2007

My name is Kel, but I am known online as PraiseChaos. The name PraiseChaos comes from a belief that no matter how much crap you think you have to deal with, there's someone somewhere who is dealing with something much worse than your problems. It also keeps life interesting.

I'm an 360, Wii, and PC gamer. I'm hoping to get a PS3 eventually. I don't stick to any certain genre of game. My favorites are rhythm games and FPS's.

In real life, I'm a student at WVU Institute of Technology studying Computer Science. I also do programming and IT work part time to make some extra cash, which I promptly blow on video games. I was also the founder and chairman of a local gaming community for two years.

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All those games I received for Christmas.

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