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A week with my 3DS - Day Four: Walking the Dog (edited)

I came to a shocking realization today while taking my Nintendog out for a walk; Iím a 33 year old man having a lot of fun taking care of a digital dog. This revelation crept up on me because the more I thought about it; the more I realized that I had been smiling ever since I picked out my dogís color. The ability to take Mr. Fantastic out for a walk via the Pedometer option and having him earn rewards for how many steps I take is addictive. The whole concept of earning rewards for walking around with a 3DS in your pocket is absolutely brilliant and itís easily one of my favorite things about the system, as small as it may be.

Longer battery life? Yes, please.

At first, I praised Capcom for including the Lite control option on Super Street Fighter IV: 3D but now Iím beginning to think it wasnít such a good move. I fought against someone last night using Guile that abused the control set-up extensively. How do I know? I know it because he wasnít required to charge his Flash Kicks or Sonic Booms. He was standing still, in one spot throwing booms. Not crouching with a down and back charge or jumping and charging in mid-air. No movement at all, just tossing them out. Now, Iím not a great player, and I certainly have no issues with getting beat by someone better than me but this infuriated me. From now on, all my online matches will be with the Lite control scheme disabled.

EDIT: Why didn't someone tell me that the video wasn't viewable? :) Fixed!

Yeah, not a good design choice even for casual players.

I keep reaching for the 3DS stylus on the right side of the system then I remember that itís on the top. Itís a small change in design over the DSi and itís funny that something so small makes such an impact on your brain that it is extremely hard to break the habit that reaching to the right side for your stylus over the course of a few years can make. I pre-ordered the 3DS Charge Kit by Nyko today from GameStop (I hate ordering from them but Amazon doesnít have it listed yet). Itís supposed to extend the 3DS battery life. If it lives up to that claim, itíll be a smart purchase for the price.
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