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You will learn to love Decapre. But Understand your disappointment

Decapre was unveiled last night and the crowd went mild. I was amongst the disappointed UGH ANOTHER Doll. Reeks of lazy design and Street Fighter IV has it's share of lazy design in new Characters. Only Jurl and Viper are going to be remembered. Rufus is not as cool as King Cobra, Lucha Chef is boring, Hakan is MEH. Oni Reeks of halfassed design. Street Fighter IV's New Characters are quite forgettable. So I understand the disappointment in Decapre.

But at the same time, all the disappointment went away when I saw how she plays, She's basically Ninja Cammy. With Cammy as my Main Decapre will probably be my alternative character. Sure the design and concept is lazy but the fighting style is alittle different and that's all that really matter. But like you I would have rather had somebody completely new. Alex, Retsu, Ibuki's Friend, Sakura's Friend, Somebody from Rival schools. Who know maybe Street Fighter IV is going to bridge the gap between the Main Series and Alpha and we'll get a mostly original cast in Street Fighter V?

I don't know, but I think in time we'll learn to love Decapre. As a Cammy user I will. But her unveil shows just how out of touch Capcom is getting. If Ultra truly is the end of SF IV then it's going out....well it's just going out not with a bang or a wimpier. The Potential for SFV is boundless, and hopefully V follows a more traditional graphical style and has more original characters or rather I should say more UNIQUE original character we'll remember like Juri and Viper.
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