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Why Nights into Dreams might be Sonic Team's masterpiece.


I've had alot of things swimming though my mind lately. Somethings are left overs from awhile ago.

I'm new to Nights into Dreams. When I imported it on PS2 a few years back I had no clue what it was I was doing. When I got my Saturn that's when I really dug into into the meat of the game and it was just, well Magical. There are games that just capture our imigination or just turn it off because our brain can't even fathom the beauty and amazingness held with in. Katamari Demacy is one of those games it's so random and cracked up that our brains just can't figure out how on Earth another human being dreamed it up. Then you have games like Journey and Ico which just defy all genre conventions, Okami is another example of a wonderful work of art. Nights is one of those games.

Nights is simple and that's one of the things that makes it so great. Sega developed an Analog controller that to this day I still don't think can or will be topped some people hate it I personally wish the Dreamcast controller was like this and less like what we ended up with. I'm not sure if the controller was made for the game or if the game was made for the Controller.

Best Controller ever?

As I was saying about the gameplay it's simple but not what you'd call easy. There is a time limit as you fly nights around this wounderous world the idea is to collect orbs and fly through rings, avoiding or getting rid of enemies. Depending on how you do the music changes as do the moods of the world's citizens the Nightopians. It's not so much the gameplay that makes Nights what I consider to be a masterpiece, but the music and the world that Sonic Team Created. The Game does not get very difficult until the final stage. The Stages that play out are not easy either getting an A Rank is a difficult thing to do but they are not super hard either.

The Video above is my favorite level this vast forest with all sorts of odd details.

For a game to truly transcend it's medium there has to be no other game like it. Nights does that. It's simple, fun to play even on the limited Saturn Hardware gorgeous to look at even better on XBOX 360 (I will buy this game a 4th time on PSN) It's almost like a video game version of a Studio Gihibli film. Thats what I feel makes it Sonic Team's masterpiece, because of it's simplicity and uniqueness. It is a game that was made at the right time for the right hardware. A sequel was attempted on the Wii but it lacked the heart and creativity of it's Saturn brother.

But hey don't take my word for it give it a spin yourself, it's on PSN and XBLA an Import only port with the former two were based on is also on the PS2. It may last a few hours but Nights is a world unlike any other your have ever gamed in.

Possibly more Next Gen than what is Next gen even.....
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