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Why I'm XBOX Done.

Grammar warning- I did proofread it but something this long and passionately written is bound to have several errors.

Last night I went into some detail as to how I'm going to divide my collection up between multi platform titles in fact I did put one game back from the Trade pile as it had extras over the PS3 version.  What I want to talk about now is why I'm XBOX DONE and it has nothing to do with the XBOX One, it has something to do with it but not the reason.

I've been an XBOX Fan since the XBOX Classic. With Sega gone and my not being too willing to get a PS2 or Gamecube I saw the XBOX Classic as the new Sega Platform the Dreamcast 1.5 and if you dig around the XBOX almost was a Dreamcast 1.5. Sega fans who jumped on with the XBOX were probably pretty happy, Games like Otogi published for Form Software, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, the enhanced US Port of Shenmue II, and Gunvalkryie. The PS2 got great shit too and probably more than the XBOX did and in time became the better system for Sega fans. But the XBOX
just has something, it was a more powerful system it felt like the leap that console Generation should have been. XBOX games were pretty creative and distinct from what Sony and Nintendo offered. Games like Kung Fu chaos, Phantom Dust, Bloodwake, Azurik, Blinx, Namco's amazing Breakdown, Brute Force, Kakuto Chojin and Tao Feng, Even Dino Crisis 3 was an XBOX exclusive. These were and still are great games and all games I still need to pick up for my legacy collection (My Retro collecting has been hijacked by PS1, Dreamcast, Saturn and N64 collecting) On top of those games our first taste of online gaming for fighters was on the XBOX Classic, 3[sup]rd[/sup] Strike, Hyper SF II, KOF 2002,2003 and Neowave in the US we all got our first taste of online for fightings through those game and the netcode was good. Players in Japan had a taste with the Dreamcast but XBOX mainstreamed it. But something happened with the 360.

I'm not going to call the XBOX 360 a bad system, I still put more time into it than any of my legacy systems and XBOX Live Arcade and Shmups are still reasons to own the system. But when XBOX became XBOX 360 we were left with XBOX Classic not living up to the potential I always though there was power waiting to be unleashed in that system that never was. Microsoft basically shit on the XBOX Classic and disowned it XBOX live support for it probably only lasted as long as it did because people still played Halo 2 (I HATE Halo, besides the first game no Halo Game has ever amazed me) The XBOX 360 had an OK start, Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero are fine games. I still need to pick both up actually. Gears of War amazed everyone, Like Halo I'm not a fan (Notce a pattern?) DOA 4 soon as that shit came out I bought a 360 much like I bought my XBOX Classic with DOA 3. For awhile maybe the first 3 or 4 years the 360 was on fire with exclusives, and content and just groundbreaking shit. Then, around 2010, Kinect starts sufacing and, NOTHING the 360 was a dead zone the only exclusives were Halo, more Halo, Gears of War and Forza. Great RPGs like Last Odyssey nope just shooters. That appealed to the masses but not somebody who wanted something creative. I should have gotten a PS3 around 2010 but the Shmups on 360 the Espgaludas, Dodonpachis, Deathsmiles, Raiden IV and everything on XBLA kept me loyal. Finally a year ago I just had it Previous XBOX excluvie franchises went multiplatform. Exclusive content was ending up on PS3 not on 360. I was hoping Microsoft, Rare, any studio would give me SOMETHING. While PS3 owners got to brag about Uncharted, and Heavy Rain I was jacking off with Forza. THAT'S ALL. The only game ONLY game that came close to the creativity of Sony was Alan Wake another game I need to pick up for my 360. Besides that, I'm done.

A year after I got my 360 (So 2007 for those keeping score) I picked up a PS2, late to the party but I wanted something different I logged HOURS into PS1 RPGs (mostly ports of SNES RPGs Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI) I got unacquainted with the Mega Man X series, I don't care what you all say Mega Man X7 is fucking awesome. I got a TON of Fighters via imports, I got a bunch of Sega Ages discs, God of War, KATAFUCKINGMARI!!!!!!! Persona 3 and 4 Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne.
The list just goes on, I never did dispite really wanting them got Mark of Kri and it's sequel. Still for awhile I was happier with my PS2 than I was my 360.

Not to take a thing away from Nintendo. I love nintendo, I love Miyamoto, Iwata, Reggie I love those guys. (in 2010 though I would like to mention I met Microsoft's Major Nelson who, admitted to spending a lot more time on PS3 than the console that he makes his job promoting) The Gamecube was a fine system, I had little interest in the Wii, and When I played a WII U for the first time last night things looked jaggy and last gen. But flaws aside Nintendo knows what fans want and I may not want Mario and Zelda up my ass but Nintendo fans will buy it in droves and that's Ok. It's just I feel Sony encourages more creativity than Microsoft does sure, you have Indie games on 360, but 90% of those suck. But look at a game like Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet and compare them to Halo, Gears (the Only current exclusives the XBOX has over PS3) and they look a whole generation ahead than what Microsoft offers. It's all about gameplay you say, well I don't see anything on XBOX that is really changing anything either, On PS3 I see progression in the uncharted series, and Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond two souls def are game changers. OH and God Of War? Uh...........yeah Too Human I'm sorry You're no God of War. Had to tack that on.

So the reason I'm jumping from XBOX? The PS3 just has more unique experences that I'm craving right now after playing the unique Output of Sega on the Saturn and Dreamcast and not seeing that on newer systems that I once viewed as being the successors of Sega hardware, I've just had enough I don't like Halo, Gears, and Call of Duty. Forza holds your hand too much. I want games to inspire and wow me again like Ninja Gaiden, (3 razor's edge is AMAZING by the way no matter what system you get it on) Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta did. So that's why I'm XBOX Done. I want to play unique games again. Nintendo, don't worry, if Bayonetta 2 is awesome, I'll get a Wii U.

I'm not saying the XBOX 360 is shit, I'm just saying after 7 years it no longer has anything to offer me.
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