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What if Mega Man is just a pawn?

The Classic Mega Man Series is something I have been playing since I was either 7 or 8 years old. I was going to talk about potential directions for the series but something hit me I decided to talk about instead. My favorite Mega Man character is Dr Wily and there are few things about him that indicate may he isn't a villain after all. This guy obviously has money out the ass considering he can buy Hench bots, build Robot masters and to date has built 15 castles (or keeps renovating the same one) He builds Robot masters that all serve a purpose they aren't made primarily to RULE THE WORLD. He does work with Dr Light from time to time and we only get oneside of the story. That Wily went into business for himself and stole whatever from Dr Light. But that's just it. We Only get Dr Light's side of the story. What about Dr Wily? Could Mega Man just be a Pawn in a MENSA level robotics My dick is bigger than yours contest?

Mega Man is a powerful Robot, But he's also a thief you beat a boss, you get his weapon, you don't think Dr Light isn't analyzing that data for his own projects? Mega Man is just some mindless Justice bot he'll listen to anything Dr Light tells him. If one needs Proof Dr Wily isn't that bad he DID come up with the Roboenza Cure and give it away in Mega Man 10. A truly evil man would not do that. for all we know Dr Light stole Gemma in Mega Man 3 and Dr Wily just took back what was his. We all know Dr Wily loves Guts Man maybe this fued is over who really designed Guts Man. This isn't to suggest that Dr Light is really the bad guy in a My dick is bigger than yours contest everyone is a douche. Here's another idea, maybe Dr Wily sick of Dr Light stealing all his shit, Built DRM into his creations after Bass went into business for himself and Wily finally had something to keep Mega Man at bay he developed robo DRM in the form of....THE ZERO/SIGMA VIRUS? Hey My Dick is bigger than yours contests always fuck people over, sometimes people who have nothing to do with it not too far fetched to think this extended to the point that even after both were dead this My dick is biggest than your thing resulted in a fucking space station crashing into Earth killing half the population....


Nobody wins in a My dick is bigger than yours contest, even a century after it supposedly ends
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