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The XBOX Refugee Part 3- The #1 thing I I use my PS3 for...Playing PS1 games

I did not own any consoles in my Teen years. Not sure why, Money possibly though I subbed to EGM through out high school. I did not own anything until 2000 when I got a Dreamcast and by then Graduation was a mere 3 months away. I did through my spoiled brat of a cousin, get to play MANY MANY PS1 classics I even told him what games to get.
YES this is same cousin I spoke of in This blog.

Only in the last few months have I started collecting PS1 games I missed Crown Jewels of the collection include every Final Fantasy But 1,2 and VIII. Xenogears, Thunder Force V, and Einhander. So with all these classics and a New PS3 and the Fact the PS3 can play PS1 games I got my retro on and I did hit some hiccups, I can't seem to use my PS1 arcade stick with PS1 games on PS3 there might be away to do it but fuck if I know how to get it to work. Also... Y U No look better than Bleemcast?

I am not sure how Bleem worked but Einhander, Tekken 3, R4. ALL looked better through Bleem on Dreamcast with S-Video no less, Than they do on PS3 with Filters and upscaling turned on through HDMI and only slightly better than the smoothed out native resolution the PS2 outputs PS1 games through Component.

But yes now that the dust has cleared and I'm in my New system groove. All I'm playing on my PS3 is Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer R4. Hopefully I can figure out how to get my Arcade stick to work so I can get my upscaled Street Fighter EX on.

By the way Ridge Racer R4. BEST RIDGE RACER EVER!
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