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The Mark of a great fighting game, Indie Pro Wrestling and All that Jazz.

The other day I purchased or should I say Repurchased Persona 4 Arena. If it's remembered for anything it's that it's the only Region locked PS3 game. Now in the year or so I had it on the XBOX 360 I didn't find it to be all that great a game. 1 button combos made it out to be a mash fest. I hate playing on line in XBOX Live despite that I am in the words of an XBOX Customer Service Rep "the most tenured player on XBOX Live" None the less as a Persona fan I picked it up again after trading the 360 version in. This time I actually did the tutorial  I tried to use all the tools the game gives me rather than just mashing A (X Button on both 360 and PS3) for the auto combo. I hopped on line for a bit too and found online to be a bit smoother on PSN than XBOX Live. AND I GOT MY ASS KICKED I got my ass kicked alot but it helped me learn the game and the subtleties of it. Playing Persona 4 Arena on PS3 has made me appreciate it alot more than if I just stuck with it on 360.  Dare I say the PS3 version is the definitive one. Load times are faster the sprites are smoother as is the online. But I digress. Getting my ass kicked in Persona 4 Arena like Soul Calibur, and Street Fighter has made me a better player in this game over all. You can't truly evaluate how good a fighting game is until you get your ass handed to you online or better yet in person.  That is not to say Guilty Gear sucks, I dominate in that game with Sol but have started to make more of an effort to learn the subtleties to make humiliating people with Sol more enjoyable since my Sol works on a pattern I need to learn to mix it up. Next up in my PS3 Fighting game o rama will be Aquapazza and Arcana heart 3. I really don't like Examu however Playing Arcana Heart 3 on my lap top showed a game with promise So hopefully Examu has created a better fighting game with these two. Also on tap is Gundam Extreme VS A game I'm not entirely sure would count as a fighter. 

On the Anime front I started watching Michiko To Hatchan, Great show thus far I watches the first two episodes then stopped as I plan on buying the Blu Ray set Next month. I also just started watching Kids On the Slope an anime about kids starting a Jazz band from the Cowboy Bebop team. It's not Cowboy Bebop, or Samurai Champloo and it's not a downer like Wolf's Rain. It's a slice of life show I'm really enjoying but due to my had two energy drinks and 40g of sugar high I had trouble paying attention.

Now on to the meat of this entry:

AJ Lee, she makes watching Raw Akward as I have to fight getting a Hard on anytime she's on Screen. With AJ Us geeks finally have an Icon to call our own, a really fucking hot one too. AJ Likes comics, she's a gamer, and unlike most Divas was a wrestling fan growing up. Did I mention she's fucking hot? I'd love to give her a pile driver...if you catch my drift. Now before I go any farther I should mention that outside of gaming and anime. I have two other passions that are a bit understated, Film as Art and Pro Wrestling. I am a HUGE fan of Pro Wrestling I have no idea why ever since I was a little kid and I copy catted Super Fly Jimmy Snuka by doing the Super Fly Drop on my dad. I've seen legends in person, I've met Don Muraco and didn't know who he was. HUGE FAN. I also have since 1999 been continuously writing my own promotion EFW it's style and roster usually reflecting whatever trend in wrestling I enjoy most. I don't do E-Feds
I never saw the point of those. I'm not a writer but I enjoy Wrestling and for the last 14 years EFW has been my creative outlet. Many homegrown EFW Stars are fictionalized versions of friends of mine. My character The Rev is more or less the persona I use online as me in real life is far too chill to actually be all that interesting. My PSN and XBOX Live names in fact allude to my Wrestling character Pope The Rev XXVIII is my Ring name and God Of Hardcore is my nick name. I'm pretty obsessive about EFW too I spend HOURS each week just thinking and visualizing things in my head, obsessively. If I'm not working or gaming EFW is probably on my mind.  That said I don't really share EFW with many people I don't want it to be some huge phenomenon. It's just this thing I do for me and maybe I share it with a few friends. 

Ok so that said. A few years ago I started losing alot of friends they were moving out of state and in some cases out of country. Gaming was in a bit of a dry season so I started doing more stuff in wrestling I started by antagonizing TNA fans on Dixie Carter's fan page. It was there I met my new Frienmy Primetime, And Fellow game Freak Liam. Currently my two best friends though one is in Miami and the other in Birmingham UK. 
This also allowed me to befriend a few Wrestlers. At first I would just follow ones I liked on Twitter and found them to be really boring people. Then as I got more and more into Indy Wrestling, starting with CZW I started finding more wrestlers I had things in Common with. Rich Swann a very talented high flyer who now works almost full time in Japan is a huge gamer and I actually convinced him to buy a Saturn and Fire Pro Wrestling S. When John Laranitus was featured on Raw I would point fans and wrestlers alike to the All Japan Wrestling games on Saturn and Dreamcast so they could beat the ever living shit out of Big Johnny with Vader. I also found my self befriending the likes of Johnny Gargano who I haven't spoken to in a while but used to have really fun chats with. Ricochet a REALLY talented wrestler and somebody I hope becomes a huge star I also got chummy with and actually spent a good chunk of last Christmas chatting with, he's a gamer and though he spends alot of time in Japan these days with Dragon Gate. Has not had anytime to grace a Japanese Game center. Though would like to. I've even had Fruitful e-mail talks with Gabe Sapolsky co founder of ROH and current booker of Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. I'd like to think my suggestions have helped DGUSA become a better brand. This is all just the tip of the iceberg, Wrestlers on my XBOX live friends list include, Samoa Joe whom I used to play unreal with back in the day. B-Boy,
and a few CZW guys. Including Drew Gulak who'd if I wasn't pressed for space I'd write more about. He's a guy I befriended not over Wrestling but over Mortal Kombat. We're both HUGE MK fans.

Now taking this whole thing full circle I opened this longer than I expected section of this entry mentioning AJ Lee the current geek Icon of wrestling she's hot she's a gamer, she likes comics. She gives me wood. Kenny Omega may not give me wood. But if any wrestler I've gotten friendly with deserves to be the Geek Icon of Pro Wrestling it's him.
He's Legit. Working for Ring Of Honor and PWG for awhile as well as JAPW he found his nitch in the amazing DDT Promotion in Japan. An indie that has been around a long time
which has some insane matches of the comedy variety as well as some good high flying, hardcore and mat wrestling work. Currently DDT occupies a good chunk of a 2TB Hard drive with matches and events I haven't found time to watch yet. But DDT is a great promotion and one that I feel would appeal to gamers and Anime fans and to us Geeks Kenny Omega is akin to a Stone Cold Steve Austin, a John Cena, or Sting. (Also Fuck Hulk Hogan, Egomania runs wild BROTHER)  He's a huge a gamer the Hadouken is in his freakin move set. He comes out to Dr Wily's stage from Mega Man 2. Outside wrestling he is a huge anime fan helping me somewhat in reviewing High School of the dead, He is a comic reader and I've had good talks with him about DC and like I said he's a gamer and he even has friends from Capcom, No I'm sorry he can't help you guys in Getting Mega Man Legends 3, then again I haven't asked him. I'll get on that, if any one from Capcom is reported as hurt and Mega man Legends 3 is back on track you can thank me.
Kenny is the real deal and as hot as AJ is he is the real geek icon of Pro Wrestling.

So to wrap this whole thing up. I talked about wrestling, fighting games. A bit about the anime I'm watching and EFW the promotion I write. It's been my dream ever since I got out of High School in 2000 to combine my love of Video Games, Wrestling and anime into some sort of project. With the Rise of pro gaming and pro gaming being as boring and souless as it is I have a vision to combine it with Pro Wrestling. Last year I created a championship the Open the Dreamcast championship, which comes from my freaquently typing Dreamcast when I tired to write Dream gate (Open the Dream Gate being Dragon Gate's #1 prize) I think the market for Pro Wrestling style Pro Gaming is as ripe as it's going to be. I have buddies in the wrestling business on board with this, I have the vision, what I don't have is connections in TV, and the money to get this off the ground. But who knows maybe in the next few years you'll see an Indiegogo or kickstarter for a Pro Wrestling style Gamer league.

So that about wraps it up I have alot more stuff to talk about on the topic of geek trends in wrestling, as well as how much I want to bitch slap Pinkie Shanchez in to Oblivion, Kick Chuck Taylor in the Nuts and give Half Breed Billy Gram a black eye. But that's for another day. I don't think I'm done talking about where Wrestling meets gaming.

Not by a long shot.
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