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The Ground breaking fighter Series nobody Talks about: Asuka 120%


The PS3 Shmup drought is ending. But one thing the PS3 isn't lacking is 2d fighters, the PS3 has 2d Fighters coming out it's ass, BlazBlue, KOF XII and XIII, The Amazing Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter HD Remix and IV, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear XXAC + R @#$ (that Symbol for prince) Aquapazza, Arcana Heart 3, Phantom Breaker Extra, and the Just annouced Shin Kohimi Musou The PS3 has no shortage of 2d Fighters. You know what else had no shortage of amazing 2d Fighters?

The Sega Saturn! It also did not have it's shortage of Shmups either. But one game that just stands right out and a game I HAD TO get for Saturn was Asuka 120%. This game was ground breaking in ways that only now can we notice.

Not exclusive to the Saturn the Asuka 120% series had it's humble beginnings on Japanese home Computers The first installment in 1995 was on the amazing FM Towns. With Sequels and upgrades showing up on the X68000 it's console debut would be on another cult classic console the PC Engine CD. While there were improvements it was still rather primitive in it's nature It wasn't until It's PlayStation debut that it really made wave. In 1997 right around the time of the VS series the Saturn Version came out and
the innovations in this game would be seen in later VS Games.

It was the first all girls fighting game, or at least one of the first. You had school girls, some girl that used a frog in attacks, a Cheer leader, a Gymnast, A tennis player, Baseball player Yeah you can tell me Capcom couldn't have been just a LITTLE inspired by this game when they made rival schools.

Being one of if not the first all female fighting wasn't the least of it's innovations. Playstation and Saturn Versions especially the Saturn version had a really REALLY good and intuitive combo system and simplified commands for Special and super moves again no doubt influencing the VS games. Unlike the frantic Combo ridden games it helped inspire, Fights in this game tend to last between 3-5 Minutes as attacks even large ones do not do much damage, it is also while simple quite technical. This might be off putting to some but the Great 90s Era fighting game/Dating Sim/Hentai Game Music and above average graphics for the time do help it to stand out.

This game even in Japan remains rather obscure and getting a copy of the best version the Saturn Burning Fest Limited won't be cheap. But it's worth seeking out it's Combo heavy gameplay reached beyond the VS Games and you can see it in games like Blazblue and Guilty Gear, more so in Arcana Heart. When Fill-In-Cafe closed and Later Family soft many of the staff went to treasure others went on to 5pb. The Asuka 120% spirit lives on with the Phantom Breaker, which due to an incompetent publisher has not seen the light of day in the US. Phantom Breaker Extra is due out sometime soon in Japan and with the PS3 being Region Free I hightly recomend checking it out but first get your hands on The Saturn version of Asuka 120% Asuka 120% Limited BURNING Fest.

Here is a really good series over veiw I stumbled on, on You Tube

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