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The challenges of jumping from one platform to another.

I've had it with XBOX. Not because of XBOX One, Not because of 3 RRODs I'm just sick of having my dick flying in the breeze with no unique and amazing exclusives to enjoy and it's been brewing for awhile. In this case however it's not simply I'm buying a PS3. It's I'm buying a PS3 to replace my 360. Granted I am keeping my 360 mostly for it's great library of Shmups. But the challenges present themselves, what do I keep for 360, what do I trade in and get for PS3? What games do I get on both?

Some are no Brainers, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter X Tekken are going PS3. But what about Soul Calibur IV and V? Tekken Tag 2 and Tekken 6? Keep them for 360? Trade up to the PS3? What about my 360 Arcade stick? It won't work on my PS3. Lollipop Chainsaw do I keep it or not I'm pretty far into my 360 Version Same with Arkham Asylum and City. How about games for both? UMVC 3 and Super Street Fighter IV AE are probably two games I'll have for both, Sonic Generations might be, King of Fighters XIII but not XII (Because KOF XII can go fuck it self.  Then there's the matter of XBLA games, which do I rebuy on PS3 what future DLC games do I download? Will I get Ducktales Remasters on PS3 or 360? Mega man 9 and 10 on PS3? Decisions man 

Oh and did I mention I'm getting THIS CONTROLLER with my PS3?

I guess I can't move on THAT far now can I? 

Then again at the end of the day which network is going to stay online longer? My Money is with Sony keeping the PS3 version of PSN up longer than Microsoft will support the 360
Xbox live. So Eventually, I'll probably get everything I have on 360, on PS3.

Still, it's what us Monogamous gamers do. 

Also if I'm getting a Wii U and PS4 in the next year or so, what the fuck will I get Watch Dogs on?
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