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The 2 months Late Festivus Airing of Grivences- Sony Edition

OK last one, Next Blog I'm talking about emulating without the need for a PC. Anyways Just because I love my PS2 and my PS3 doesn't mean I don't still have a few issues with Sony. Things that may or may not have already addressed. So lets just begin shall we.

Lack of Vita MUST HAVES- See yeah there are games on the Vita, you can't say the Vita has NO games and it has games I'd buy but nothing on the Vita screams YOU MUST HAVE THIS The PSP had a strong libaray of great games nobody bought (Mavrick Hunter X, Mega Man Power'd Up) The Vita uhhhh besides Uncensored Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 what is on the Vita that isn't a port of something else? Even Sigma 2 is just a port of something else. I guess there's Gravitiy Rush and a ton of Japanese games but I just see no real reason to own a Vita. Give the Vita TV an external UMD Drive...and I'm interested until then. Give me a reason to own a Vita. I want one I just don't want one enough right now.

Proprietary storage media- UMDs, Memory sticks, whatever the Vita uses. WHAT exactly is wrong with SD Cards? No Really what's wrong with SD cards? The UMD? It's cool but disc drives fail. I'm sure there are quite a few Dead PSPs that were just dropped and everything got out of whack. Memory sticks might not be as wide as SD Cards, but they sure aren't as practical. Of course, you get a big piece of the pie for using  your own media right? Look how insanely over priced storage media is for the Vita.

Removal of features from consoles- Every single port behind the PS1, The Hard drive bay from the PS2, Other OS, the Card Reader and PS2 Backwards compatibility from the PS3. Handhelds aren't exempt either, the PSP 3000 screen sucks and No more OLEDs in the Vita. It's a shock that the PS4 has shipped with so few extra features that Sony has nothing to remove from the PS4, only add. It may be to cut costs and make the hardware sleeker but there are ways to do that without cutting features.

The handling of the 2011 PSN Fiasco- I wasn't around for that I was full on Team XBOX when that was going down. But Sony really mishandled it. They should have embraced the PS3 being open. The was it was Jailbroken from what I understand did not enable pirating but just the running of Homebrew apps having Linux on the PS3 also meant the thing was a super console. A PS3 that can run PS1 games, PS2 PS3 AND MAME? That's the perfect console right there. BUT NO... Sony had to get up set sue the guy thus leading to their network getting hacked by Cyber Terrorists. It took them FOREVER to get PSN users back online too. I fully support open source and I think legacy consoles should be made open but nobody wants to maybe someday. None the Less Sony should not have called the Lawyers unless Piracy was going to be an issue, At that point far as I know it wasn't.

SCEA- NO 2d for your. I think that's all I need to say. SCEA has been a thorn in the side of the niche gamer since the PS1 days. Not allowing some 2d games to come out, forcing compilations, Outright blocking games from coming out in the west and even rumors that they are the reason some PS3 games are in the US Digital only. They just, Have no clue. Granted they are getting better. But I will never forget how ass backwards they were back in the day and how them being so out of touch deprived us of so many games. SCEJ and SCEE weren't clueless dickbags though. THANKFULLY.

There are still alot of things I love about Sony, Getting rid of Region locking, Opening up the PS4 to Indies, the renewed focus on games and not forcing new media on us, Sony is in position to really take over again and I hope they don't screw it up. Just because Microsoft and Nintendo are screwing up royal right now doesn't mean Sony can let it's guard down.
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