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PC Engine Shmupping Bliss with an Arcade stick, and a correction.

Yesterday I mistakenly said that the Neo Geo Station was not on the Japanese PSN. It is. I can only assume the other SNK Classics like Athina, Bermuda triangle, Pyscho Soldier are also on JPSN and I just have not found them  yet.

Last week I got myself a Qanba Q4AF an alternative to the Horis and Mad Catz of the world. The stick body is huge and it's heavy with the standard Sanwa parts. Qanba encorages modding and made disconnecting buttons easy and the stick is wide open to sawp out the shitty square gate with an Octagonal. It's also duel compatable so it works on 360 and PS3/PC through the use of a swtich. In the near future the white balltop, and buttons are going to be replaced with Red,Yellow, Green, and Blue translucent buttons (Neo Geo colors) I'm still thinking about the balltop and I'm not 100% on the buttons as there are Blazblue and Guilty Gear buttons floating around and pastel colors that I think would be bad ass on this stick. 

So I've played all my fighters with it. Either I'm rusty in Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 or PS3 Players are just better than the idiots that play on XBOX live that just jump into thust kicks (I Main with Cammy) Then I got to testing it on my 360 with the first stage of Ikaruga which was awesome. However the best time I had with my new stick was playing Super star soldier on PS3.

I LOVE the PC Engine I've never owned one and buying one now during the height of the retro collectors fad would bankrupt me Since I collect for at least 3 other retro systems and the Saturn alone eats up a chunk of change (even more if I get a Lemon disc rotted copy of something) So Emulation is the way to go for me and the emulation filters make for better looking games anyway. The PC Engine is known for it's classic shmups, near perfect Namco Arcade conversions, and Some Castlevania game... 

I kid I kid we all love Rondo of Blood. A few years ago I spent a week 100%ing it It remains the ONLY Castlevania I have beaten legit. But I digress.

My Main Method of playing PC Engine games is through the Magic Engine Emulator it didn't accept my old Hori VX-SA. So My main method of playing PC Engine games was with this thing:

This also works on PS3. I still use it to play Mega Man on PS3. The turns the PS3 button layout on it's side so it's perfect for those games. There is a Super Famicom version of this pad but it tends to Malfuction. I'm keeping that one to swap out the colored buttons into a standard SNES Pad.  Anyways while it's just fine for Mega Man and Platformers it's not so great for Shmups the D-Pad isn't precise for a twitch shooter like Star Soldier. It's not so great.

Enter the Qanba. After hours of testing it on fighters I played some Shienryu which was great but it wasn't until I played Super Star Soldier that I was in heaven. The PC Engine itself never had a really great arcade stick. Great sticks didn't start showing up until the PS1 and Saturn era. So I'm playing a PC Engine game with something better than what the game was designed in mind with. Everything was so precise and exact that it was just heaven that's all I can say. The best PC Engine shmup with probably the best arcade stick I have ever used it was a marrage made in heaven. I can't wait to give other PC Engine shmuppage a go later I'm grabbing Winds of Thunder off JPSN today.

Hopefully I can get this new stick working in magic engine as there are some PC Engine shmups that aren't on JPSN that this stick would greatly benifit.

The Saturn, 360, PS1 all great shmup systems. But to understand why this was a religious experence you really need to understand the PC engine. The Shmups on that system were simply the best of their era they had a unique graphical style and flavor all their own and something a few paragraphs just can't explain. So if you have a good arcade stick hop on PSN and download Soldier Blade and Super Star Soldier and see what I mean using a good arcade stick. These games are also on the virtual console but with no great wii arcade stick the experience is going to be watered down.
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