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Other games besides Mega Man that give me the warm and Fuzzies

Sonic 2
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Generations

My cousin is not exactly somebody I respect as a Human Being, After all this is somebody who became a Transsexual for all the wrong reasons (Piss off his adoptive parents) As kids we were consistently trying to kill each other (Literally trying to kill each other me usually in self defense) Yes as we got older we did get along more and the trying to kill each other ceased and for a good year or two we would go on Retro game runs and comic runs and everything was grand we finally got along...until the whole I'm going to go tranny to piss my super conservative to the point of insanity mom off. Flash back 20 or so years to when we were not getting along and this spoiled brat and I used to game. My Cousin being the dickwad he was would relegate me to playing as Tails while he was Sonic. He'd beable to beat the game, but I'd just be there with my dick in the wind. Playing sonic also gave birth to our bizzare banter. When ever he'd beat a Level I'd let out an "Oh yeah Don't dig it" to which he'd reply "You don't?" It made no sense and YES I'd say it in a Macho man voice.

I didn't really dig into sonic until my early 20s where I did memorize the majority of Sonic 2. (Wing Fortress zone can eat a dick) But then I imported the 10th Anniversary pack of Sonic Adventure 2 and just played the shit out of it on my own no help from anyone and... never beat it. Around 5 or 6 years later A group of kids from my church befriended me They were probably around 10 years older than me and despite the fucked up person I was (and probably still am but more fucked up then) Looked up to me. One of those kids and the only one I still keep in touch with was crazy into Sonic and because of him I started buying all the Sonic games again. One night I had him over my parents house while they had dinner guests also from my church we played Adventure 2 well into the night while my Parents who were going to bring him home, Forgot he was there. Good times. GOOD TIMES.

Sonic Generations just gives me the warm and fuzzies becuase it's the best of everything Sonic well, that Sonic Heroes level is intent on reminding you how bad Sonic Heroes was. It's still a great game I need to rebuy on PS3 and once again beat with that friend of mine once we can get together.  The Only reason I don't love Sonic more than Mega Man is because of the Sonic fandom. People slapping "the hedgehog" after their names oh and Sammy Classic sonic fan... look that annoying little fucker up. Look Sonic fans I was playing Sonic while were you still jizz in your fathers nutsacs so stop acting like you know what's best for Sonic, It's fuckers like you that are why we have a Warehog, Sonic Lost world and Crash Sonicoot. There is one other reason I don't like Sonic more than Mega Man because of all the shitty Sonic games the Fandom caused to be made there are far more Sonic games I HATE than Sonic Games I love.


Outrun, Turbo Outrun, Outrunners Outrun 2, Outrun 2 SP. They all have memories. It's funny I actually made my dad a CD of Outrun music, and HE ACTUALLY PLAYS IT. So if you're on the UCONN Storrs Campus and hear Magical Sound shower coming out of a 2004 Toyota Sedan. That's my Old man.

My first memories of gaming lie with an Outrun cab. It was the first game I have any real memory of playing and I think due to this I have very different tastes in gaming than the average retrogamer. That Unique Sega Flavor of games. Instead of driving from Point A to Point B you drive From Point A to some 6 shitzillion other places no two games are the same and if you have a version with the Japan Layout that's 12 shitzillion. The Music is great though I never choose Passing Breeze It's always Magical Sound Shower or Splash Wave (The latter always ALWAYS got the most bad ass remixes one of which I included above) and I don't care how far graphics have come, Sega Sprite Scaling will ALWAYS impress me. Put the Saturn Version in use the cheat to unlock the 60FPS mode and with a good S-Video or RGB out You're in for an eye feast. I could go on about the game or the countless memories I have from Playing outrunners in Chuck E Cheese to some random night not long ago where I FINALLY Cleared the fuckin game on my Saturn.  Or how I thought it was a Corvette until recently when I found out it was a Ferrari Testarosa. I LOVE outrun and I am going to try to obtain as many versions of it as I can. Well the GOOD ONES not the shitty console spin offs that are Outrun in Name only.

Well I'm running a bit long here So I'm going to pick up this little trip down memory lane later.
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