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Now it's all down to perference. But here's why I'm still PS4

Today is a great victory in Digital rights. Though I bet the rumors Gamestop was going to refuse to stock the XBOX One and possibly a threat of Violence from Steve Balmer reversed the XBOX One policies. I'm  not proud of Microsoft, but I am proud of the gamers
who rallied to get this fixed. The next step was litigation and after that, the douche bags in the Guy Fawkes masks.

But I'm not backtracking on  my choice of PS4 over XBOX One. While it is nice to know that as an XBOX Veteran if I want to go home I can and maybe the day will come where I DO want to try Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon and I can do so without feeling I'm betraying gamers everywhere by doing so. Here's why I'm sticking with PS4.

As an XBOX Classic Owner I saw the following games release on PS2 AND NOT XBOX Classic. In no paticular order, God Of War, Sly Cooper, Shinobi, Sega Ages, Mega Man X Collection (also on GameCube), Viruta Fighter 4, Tekken tag,4 and 5, Metal Gear Solid 3,
Nights (Import only but still) Kof Orochi (Japanese Version US Version sucked balled) KOF Nests, well all the SNK Collections. Probably more that I can't off the top of my head list.

Things DID get better on the 360. Shmups kept me onboard. There are and were alot of Good fighters on the 360, and I feel less guilty holding on to them now. STILL getting UMVC3 and Persona 4 arena for PS3 though!  But the trend didn't end as a 360 owner I saw the PS3 get, Arcana Heart 3 (But European and Japanese 360 owners got to enjoy it), 3d Dot Game heroes, No More Heroes Heroes Paradise (which AGAIN was not exclusive elsewhere in the world) Under Defeat HD (See AH3 and NMH) Heavy Rain (But don't get me started on that game) Aquapazza, Gundam Extreme Vs (BUT hey 360 DID get 2 exclusive Virtual On games so YAY?) Kratos in Mortal Kombat, The Joker in Arkham Asylum, Mega Man and Pac man in Street Fighter X Tekken (even though they were on the 360 Disc) I could go on the PS3 exclusives are near endless.

So why should Expect this trend to not continue on the PS4? The PS4 already has strong indie support, It's GOING to release in Japan, XBOX One's Japan status is still unknown. So I feel like I'm making the right choice. MAYBE things will reverse this gen
but it'll be awhile. 

Today was a great day for Digital rights. I have a feeling we're on the verge of what could be the greatest most creative console generation. The playing feild is level now
and that's going to encorage creativity. If you're for XBOX One, I won't insult you now sure it was a fun week to argue with XBOTs but today changes the fight. It's all preference now not about digital rights and I prefer the PS4.

Nintendo, you better get off your ass and do something, the status quo isn't going to make me get a Wii U. I WANT MY FUCKING F-ZERO! But what Nintendo should do now, is another topic for another day.
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