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My Laptop broke, I'm playing so much DOA while it's being fixed I think....

.....Kasumi is real

Yeah so I had a dream the other night Kasumi was real. That is how much DOA I've been playing. The things you do to keep yourself sane.

See last week I was editing video for my revival of an old show I did on You Tube when I hear this load crack/POP the Hinge onmy laptop split it had been wobbly all day and I thought nothing of it UNTIL IT BROKE. Now the computer worked and all but I thought it best to take it to my peeps and have it repaired as I don't have the money for a new Laptop or any computer for that matter right now. My Money is tied up in school and other things.

Thankfully I have this huge ass backlog of PS3 games I gathered up over the Summer. Mostly though I've been unlocked costumes in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and beating people to a pulp in ranked matches with either Hitomi or Christie. That's what makes having a dream about Kasumi being real so weird. She's not my Main Hitomi and Christie are. On top of that my Facebook friends are getting annoyed that all my posts are, what I'm doing in DOA5U.

I figured I needed a break today though so I've been alternating between Under Defeat HD and Aquapazza. Those who don't import but buy animu games anyway will be in for a treat when the English bersion of Aquapazza drops.

I was also thrilled to find out tonight that the Retron5 is up for preorder. GOOD BYE EMULATION Hello playing the Real thing.

one step closer to not needing a laptop for anything other than video editing.
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