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May 21st 2013 was like March of 2001 all over again.

Writing has never been my strong point, but expressing an opinion has. I have for years been a Microsoft Apologist. All things considered Apple is a far more EVIL and sinister company. I got an XBOX uh I guess now we call it XBOX Classic? But yeah I got an XBOX Classic in 2001 and I loved it it was a unique experience and I saw other games go to PS2 and Gamecube but I still got to enjoy my SNK Fighters and Street fighter hell I even got to play those online. Sega made AMAZING games for XBOX Classic who didn't love Jet Set Radio Future, or Panzer Dragoon Orta. It was like having a Sega Console after Sega left the Console market. Remember that it will come up later. The XBOX 360 came I waited a year on this one and got mine in November of 2006 my initial games were Gears of War, Sonic 2006 (SHUT UP it wasn't THAT BAD it's like Ed Wood Made a Sonic game) and Dead of Alive 4. Again the Sega Love on the 360 was there, Unique games were downloadable and SHMUPS OH MY GOD THIS THING HAS SHMUPS COMING OUT IT'S RED RINGING ASS! Yes DAY ONE while playing my New 360 I got a RROD playing DOA4. I've been through 3 of them yet I remained loyal even though I was frustrated at the lack of compelling Exclusives the PS3 and even at times the Wii had. But Tuesday, that all changed.

I initally jumped on board the XBOX Brand because Sega was done. The Dreamcast was my favorite System at one time what replaced it is the subject for another Blog/article. But I LOVED my Dreamcast in March of 2001 My heart sank when I learned that Sega was out of hardware and going software only. I had grown up with Sega my first console was not an NES but a Master System. I had a brand loyalty. Tuesday I watched the XBOX One reveal, and felt once again that a Brand I loved and defended was dead. I saw it comming, I find Windows 8 Appaling I will never buy a machine that runs Windows 8 and if I HAVE TO I'm installing Windows 7 Ultimate on that sucker. But I Digress, the XBOX One Reveal was just completely opposite of everything that for a hardcore gamer like me who likes Shmups and fighters and games where Ninja hack people into pieces, my brand was dead instead we get a cable box with an NFL Partnership, SPORTS!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO and oh since Bros like it Call of Dookie. The Reveal wasn't great we all know this now but what came after, the used games debacle, the Indie games bascially being shunned now I hear the thing won't even release in Japan so I can forget about playing whatever Cave has next on XBOX One. Essentaly everything awesome to a gamer on XBOX 360 is gone from XBOX One. After a Decade of Defending the Microsoft and XBOX Brand I just can't anymore.  It's clear to me now that Microsoft is no longer in the games business, they're in the Entertainment business and niche games don't matter to them. If you want some super media PC I can't keep you from getting an XBOX One,  I'm sure Nintendo and Sony will Welcome My Business. The XBOX brand is no longer the continuation of Sega hardware it once was. It has mutated into.........I don't even know, some Man cave box I guess and that's why it feels almost the same as when the Dreamcast discontinued.

Good BYE XBOX brand, we had fun But I'm XBOX DONE.
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