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Mandatory Install and Always online, and it has nothing to do with XBOX ONE

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 A 4 year old PS3 game so ahead of it's time it could have been a Pre Policy change XBOX ONE GAME. See for you to play this game, You have to be logged into PSN and have the game installed on PS3. Now the newer Vita version WILL work off line plus unlike the PS3 version all the bloody violence is left in.

Strange 4 years ago there was no uproar over Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 being Always online or having a forced install. Granted it was 1 game and a port of a then year old 360 game but still nobody complained trust me I looked there was maybe a mention of it but no outrage at all. Now as far as I know this is just one game. I have no idea if any other PS3 games do this and I'm trying to find out so I can avoid those games.

The game does look smoother than Ninja Gaiden 2 and adds levels but it's at the cost of being able to play it in 10 years when you're pining for a PS3 update to a 360 game. I ain't no hypocrite I'm either returning the game or using it for trade towards a better more consumer friendly game.

360 version is better anyway, it has gore, faster load times and it's HARD. PS3 version only looks better than the 360 version.

But then there are fanboys who be like BUT AYANE'S TITS

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