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Lest we Forget: Past Dick moves of Sony and Nintendo.

There seems to be alot of Good news around the Playstation 4. Dig around enough you'll find that IT DOES NOT require online and Sony has even gone on record in at least one interview that in some parts of the world, The internet sucks ass. They Won't have any on console DRM Checks, so probably online pass bullshit. Indie Devs aren't shut out, Game sharing seems to be easy Hell, Sony isn't even going the Nintendo route of claiming Copyright on Lets plays and will have Lets Play built right into the PS4.

Seems odd a company like Sony is all of a sudden Pro Consumer, Because well, Sony has a very long history of Dick moves. SO here we go ladies and Gentlemen a History of Sony Dick moves.

- Sony sued retailer Lik Sang Out of existence because, well FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY. Actually it had something to do with European power standards. Either way it was a dick move. Lik Sang wasn't the best retailer but they had some cool things. What makes it more confusing is that the PS3 and PSP are region free.

-Removing features from Consoles. Be it AV ports and extensions on the PS1, The Hard drive bay on the PS2, Card ports on the PS3 and something else I'll get into later. It seems if you want the full featured system you better be an Early Adopter because rather than add features like the 360 slim did, Sony took them away from the PS3.

- Other OS removal. For me one of the coolest features of the PS3 we no longer have is the Other OS Option, one could install Linux and basically have a bunch of other consoles on the PS3 Virtual console be damned. WELL...Sony kinda removed that several firmware updates ago and fuck knows why.

-It doesn't just extend to games, how about that Rootkit debacle on some Music CDs?

- OH how about developer friendliness....PS2 and PS3 were fucking Rubicks cubes to develop for. I still have no idea what the Emotion engine is Yes eventually the PS2 was figured out and everyone and they momma made games for it. But the complicated architecture of the PS3 still makes it a fucking Rubicks cube and not a square one either
more like this:

PS3 Development kiddies.

I think alot of Sony's failures were because Ken Kutaragi himself was a dick with his
head up his own ass. He was boastful that Nothing would match the power of both the PS2 and PS3 for 10 years. He wanted POWER not simplicity. Now that he's gone, Americans are in Charge of Sony and the PS4 was developed with imput from consumers, game creators and people who do not have their head up their ass we have a friendly PS4. Lets hope Sony breaks the Chain of Dick moves. Even so if Sony does betray consumers again we have Nintendo RIGHT? Well Nintendo are no angels either.

-When Nintendo started out pre video games in the 1800s they made Hunafunda cards their #1 customers? Yakuza. Later on Nintendo who we all know as being quite Wholesome also dabbled in the Sin dens known as Love Hotels.

-Ok maybe that's nothing to go on BUT lets not forget how Nintendo Treated 3rd Parties. LIKE SHIT If you wanted to make NES games, You COULD ONLY MAKE NES GAMES. You could only put out so many games a year and all manufacturing had to be done by Nintendo. Granted there were rebels and that lockout chip was defeated quickly but in post crash 1987 the industry was young half dead and Nintendo could do whatever the blue hell they wanted because they were the only game in town. Untill Sega was like We'll make our own system with Blackjack and Hookers...and a Snail Maze.

- CENSORSHIP, for the first few years of the SNES' life games were heavily censored, no blood, No Boobs, No religion, no possible transexuals , Yeah all games had to be squeeky clean and wholesome, this changed when Mortal Kombat came home and Nintendo got anally raped at retail. 

- Region locking, Who do you think invented the region lock? YEP Nintendo and they're pretty bad with it too. Even their handhelds are region locked starting with the DSi every Handheld from Nintendo has been region locked "On line features" is their bullshit excuse. Fuck that.

-They're the whole reason Ken Kutaragi is an arrogant asshole to begin with. The Playstation Zero, though we call it the SNES or Super Famicom. Sony Provided the Sound chip for the SNES/Super Famicom. When Sega was like FUCK YOU AND YOUR CARTS CD MUTHAFUCKA. Nintendo went to Sony for the SNES CD Rom, but Money and Ego got in the way and Nintendo left Sony with Blue Balls and made a deal with Philips 
while Sony had their dick out waiting for that sweet CD Rom Hand Job that never arrived. Sony wasn't going to have any of that and We got the Playstation as a result.
Sony continued to jerk themselves off until recently when gamers everywhere embraced the PS4 and we're all willing to give Sony a HandJob.

- There is also the possibility, that Nintendo according to legend Had Gunpei Yakoi Killed

So, while we all bash Microsoft and deservingly so lets not forget that Nintendo and Sony are no Saints in this regard either and the only company to never fuck anyone over? Well Sega and Atari are no longer in the Console game now are they? 

Maybe nice guys do finish last....
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