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It's only a games console nothing to lose sleep over...

I seriously am losing sleep over next gen. Now yes indeed I do have hobbies outside gaming.I have a great love of many things Film, Anime, Comics, Pro Wrestling, Opera, yes OPERA don't judge I enjoy a good Verdi opera every now and then yes. Early American poetry. But I've been gaming since 1983. At least as far back as I can remember. So yes it pains me to see where things are headed. It also bugs me that we as gamers have become so Cynical. Everywhere I go somebody it bitching about something. On the Assembler forums not a day goes by where somebody doesn't shit on the Games I play, my deciding to leave XBOX Land, The Ouya, or petty things like X Game sucks because it's on Y. Assembler is not a little kids forums, a large amount of it's members are in their 30s yet every one is bitching.

But why are we bitching why are we miserable, WHY do we hate the XBOX One so much?

My Background is Psychology so lets sit down and figure out why we hate this god forsaken Hell Box.

Do we hate the XBOX One and fear the Same for the PS4 because we fear change? After all something different is happening. No it's not that we have Nintendo to run to if things get too bad. But Nintendo has that stupid tablet thing...

Do we hate the XBOX One because it's always on and doesn't play used games? WELL SORT OF

Do we hate the XBOX One because we no longer feel we're escaping reality but that the reality we escape to, is poking it's nose into ours?

That's why we hate the XBOX One, with this piece of shit we're losing our means of escape. The One place video games where many of us feel we have control where we can cast aside our issues lay back, eviscerate people as Ryu Hayabusa. Blow up Robots as Mega Man. Commit horrible acts of Animal abuse as Mario. Or wonder what the fuck Sega was thinking with Sonic. Real life sucks we have Video Games and now that reality is threatened because we no long have full control over it we potentially don't own our games in 10, 20 years, these games won't work they'll just be drink coasters and cases to be modded into a PC. We feel maybe Microsoft is too big to listen to us and maybe Sony has something sinister in mind and we can't control that. We can't control the actions of those few will embrace it.

Maybe I'm just tired and rambling. But hey we lived through BOB, Windows ME, Vista,
Windows 8, It's not like Microsoft never fucked up before. RIGHT? XBOX One is the XBOX  version of WIndows ME. It's the XBOX Windows Vista. We bitched enough about VIsta and Got Windows 7 possibly the best OS ever.  Ironic that PC Gamers are so proud
to the point they, well piss most of us off, On the PC you have the most control over what you play. Don't like DRM? Program a hack. Need more Ram pop that in, Need a new Graphics card? No problem.

But lets look at gaming Overall, PS4 Still looks promising we can say gloom and doom all we want and assume Sony will pull the same shit, and YES Sony has a few Dick moves in the past but big Picture when has Sony let us down? They have this wide open platform and want everyone to make games!  The VITA already has a few hundred games and it's not even 2 years old yet and hey Vita doesn't block used games, hell it's not even region locked.

Nintendo is lagging but the sales spike with the WII U is encouraging the 3DS has tons of great games and HEY Project X Zone and Shin Megami Tensei IV, I'm in.

What about Android Consoles? we fear not having control anymore Yet, Android is 100% open source we can take any android console and make it our Bitch. Ouya, Game stick, Oton, no matter they are all our bitch. It's only a matter of time before there's a disc based Android platform for us to get all Apple IIe on.

And Hey if anything there's the Retron5 we can just play our old 16 and 8 bit shit Do you have ANY idea how many SNES games there are waiting to be played and discovered?

So what's next? What do we do? Wait for E3?

No We play fuckin games that's what we do. We fuckin play games. Dust off your, Saturn
Fire up that Dreamcast and pop in one of the dozens of New games people STILL make
for it. Break out the Yellow SNES, We just PLAY GAMES. And if that next gen forsakes us
we find a new platform, and PLAY GAMES because in over 40 years of gaming there has always
been something else to play.

So lets just PLAY. We the gamers have a voice.
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