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Insomnia Blog: New TV or Not TV

So I have this pretty sick CRT HD TV. It's not with out problem blotches of yellow and Blue some times show up, depending on what is being shown the edge can be blurry, there are some geometry problems and about a half Inch of the picture is cropped off on the sides. But the picture and colors are far more vibrant than on the LCD TV downstars, there is alot less noise in the picture and the Speakers are FUCKING AWESOME it also displays lower resolutions so I can play retro games on it.

But the last few hours I've been pondering getting a new TV But it would be an expensive process. The TV not being the expensive part but getting the proper upscalers/scanline generators to play all my Retro stuff. I'd need a Compnent to HDMI, and an S-Video to HDMI which leaves two open HDMI slots for 7 HDMI devices plus the retro stuff........ARRRRRRRGH Assuming I can get a cheap LED 1080p TV with a metric Shitton of HDMI ports.

But yeah I dunno, this TV has served me well even with it's flaws, it WORKS after all and it's pretty bad ass for Anime.

I'll probably just wait until it takes a shit and dies.  The issues I have with this TV you have with any commercial CRT. If I really wanted a no crop, no bleed, perfect Geometry CRT I'd have to get one of those large ass boradcast monitors.

Then i'd need spakers ARGH.

I hope the day we plug everything in through our ass and it's beamed right to our brain is near.
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