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I haven't blogged in awhile, Blame the Last of Us (Contains Spoilers)

I'm close to the end of the last of us. I'm in the section near the hospital with the two [s]Big Daddies[/s] Bloaters. I know somewhat how the game ends. But it's kept me from blogging, doing my Shmup videos amongst other things. But Being so close to the end I've started playing a few things I got off of PS+ I also just preordered Ducktales on  PSN and got a metric shitton of Shmups.

I've also really haven't had much to blog about. I was going to talk about Psychology and gaming but it was probably going to turn into another rant about how much Autism is exploited.

So Back to the Last of us, and my thoughts on the game since I am so near the end and I KNOW how it ends (mostly there are some circumstances I don't yet know) As far as a story driven game goes I feel that it was written well, it was Smartly written it might not be that realistic, I mean really the chances that mushrooms are going to kill us all is VERY VERY SLIM. Ellie's Fate at the end of the game probably just as unlikely but it was a good reason to have one last killing spree.

Alot of people have written this off as just some game using the uncharted game or just another Zombie game. It's not. The combat in the game is very tatical you really need to think to survive or you'll be seeing alot of these:

I wasn't sure who I hated more, the Bloaters, Clickers, or Humans. All require different though processes to get past and there are very few moments in the game I've found where you can just sneak past them. Limited resources add to the strategy. This isn't some brainless game you have to THINK. I like that and it really made it immersive. So Immersive I had to look outside during the winter sections of the game to realize that it was in fact the Middle of July.

Few games draw me in, Shenmue 1 and 2 have, the First Halo. Really off the top of my head those are the only ones that kept my attention. MAYBE Arkham Asylum and until the Trials of Ra's Al Ghul, Arkham City. To a lesser Extent Bioshock but I never did beat Bioshock. So to draw me into it's world make me ,care about it's characters and keep me playing and putting off doing other things it's a big deal. Now that I'm near the end I
don't know.

To those who have played the game. Does Joel give you a Billy Ray Cyrus vibe?

Also, After Ellie's attempted Rape/Murder, when Joel Called Ellie "Baby girl" I just lost it.

I don't think The Last of us is a game set in a fallen world with zombie mushroom people.
I think it's more about Joel comming to terms with the painful 20 years he's had. In the begining of the game he loses his daughter and that made him cold. Then he meets Ellie and sort of becomes his father and it helps him come to terms with his loss. At the end of the game, "for the Greater good" Ellie has to be murdered... and Joel isn't going to lose somebody else again. Maybe Cleche' but still powerful.

So that's just my jumbled thoughts on the Last of Us. Simply put it's one of the best games I have ever played.
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