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I got stuff to say about you too Microsoft....

Tell me HOW exactly does windows update ruin a computer? Because that is exactly what happened to my laptop. After 2 clean installs windows update slowed my laptop to a crawl and suddenly my screen is cutting out. It may be a few things but something killed my laptop and all I know is it was running FINE before Windows update was running.

So I'm wondering Mint or Unbuntu for my next system. Maybe a Chromebook? If I get a Chromebook neither Apple OR Microsoft get money from me.

It's not so much that I hate Microsoft so much that, ok I hate Microsoft. It's one of those slow builds. Through Dealing with DOS, Windows 3.1, The Kelz Virus and everything that has anything to do with Windows ME, Headaches with Windows XP, Vista,various problems that required clean installs of Windows 7 and finally to the gigantic clusterfuck that is Windows 8 I've about had it and I want an OS that I install and don't need to worry about until it's time to replace THAT computer. Oh and Microsoft support, they aren't the friendliest people in the world either at least I got an American that one time I called them over a product key getting rejected out of the blue for absolutely no reason. Cost me $300 to get another key and disc for Windows 7 Ultimate.

Yeah I'm done.

But what about the XBOX? I jumped on the XBOX train early I got a Launch Window XBOX Classic that died about a year ago out of the blue with no warnings what so ever. entombed with in is a copy of DOA3 that I cannot no matter what I do or how much I poke that hole, get out of the system.  I liked the XBOX Classic, Voodoo Vince, Blinx, several Sega games there was alot of Creativity on the XBOX Classic and it's fairly easy to soft mod and turn into a Jukebox, or Media center or MAME powerhouse. I love how versatile the XBOX Classic is.

THEN Comes the 360. I stood by them through 3 RRODs, my 360 RROD'd the DAY I got it yeah I didn't even have it an hour before DOA4 caused my System to spazz out. Eventually it did start working but not for long. It would take 3 repairs before my 360 started working again It's been nearly 5 years since the last repair and it's running smoothly I mostly keep my 360 around for the XBLA games which ARE AWESOME and when XBLA for 360 goes down, I have a Doorstop and the hardcore shmups which, fuck knows why those small developers chose the 360 for. I kept my copy of Bayonetta as the 360 version is the definitive one but for the most part these days all my gaming, Netflix, and You Tubing is done on my PS3. My Live old expires in a few weeks the first time since 2002 that I will be without paid XBOX live. Every console feature behind a $60 a year paywall? No Thanks

I could get into the XBOX One or as I call it the Cablebox one, but what's to say. Microsoft wanted to fuck us over, but UNLIKE SOME OTHER COMPANY knew there was backlash and responded to it. I applause them for listening to the backlash but this does not fix the underlaying problem that the Cablebox One and the 360 have. Microsoft doesn't view them as consoles anymore, they're media hubs. The First Party games lack the soul of Nintendo (When Nintendo isn't doing the same thing over again) or Sony. 3rd Party exclusives don't exist and they're losing favor with Japanese developers as G.Rev, Arc Systems works and a few others are skipping 360 ports all together and going with the PS3,PS4 or a Nintendo platform. Unless the tournament is paid off coughEVOCough the tournament standard for fighting games is the PS3. So I really see no reason to stick with the XBOX and after the last remaining shmups are released for it (If region free) and after Mighty No 9 is released that's it I'm completely done with XBOX.

I know this isn't quite as scathing as what I had to say about Nintendo and I missed the obvious joke of them hiring somebody from Tech Support to be their new CEO. But I have to be an equal opportunist. AND before you call me a Sony Fanboy don't worry, Tomorrow I'll have plenty to say about Sony's short comings too.
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