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How the XBOX brand will die

Nobody thought Cable news would fly but Ted Turner thought otherwise and launched CNN. His empire grew and Turner a Wrestling fan bought Jim Crokett Promotions and renamed it World Championship Wrestling. For years it flounded before eventually going toe to toe with the World Wrestling Federation. However several excutive shake ups a bunch of stupid business moves caused WCW to have huge drops in raitings. The Product would stabilize a bit near the end and signs things were looking up were present. However when Time Warner merged with AOL Ted Turner didn't have the Pull with his networks that he used to and an Executive decided that WCW wasn't worth the time on Turner Networks and WCW was pulled from the air waves and Sold to WCW. That Excutive's name was Jamie Kellner. He's also the Asshole that killed Animanacs,Pinky and the Brain, Batman the Animated Series and Freakazoid. He also WAS NOT a Wrestling fan and used his power as the Ceo of Turner Networks to kill WCW and sell it to Vince McMahon in 2001 for only $2 Million.

Now what does the XBOX have to do with Pro Wrestling? Well see the point I'm making her is that it just took one high level executive who did not like Pro Wrestling to kill World Championship Wrestling. In the late 90s Wrestling was a scapegoat for alot of violence much like gaming is now. Now with shake ups at microsoft and Steve Balmer retiring soon
the XBOX Brand could suffer the same fate WCW did. We already have the stupid and questionable choices part. So who's to say that the next most powerful person in the Microsoft empire is somebody that just does not like video games and as such, will Kill the XBOX Brand.

That will ultimately be in my estimation the death of the XBOX Brand, an executive who just flat out DOES NOT LIKE VIDEO GAMES. The Fate of Microsoft IPs...I can't predict what Halo will end up on. But I am pretty sure the Death of the XBOX will not be due to poor sales, just an executive with his head up his ass.

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