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How come I just can't finish RPGs?

Good Lord getting a blog on here is going to eat up alot of time. But My Laptop is down and I can't make any You Tube Videos so that creative energy has to go somewhere.

I like RPGs Good to sit back take in a story listen to some great music and relax and get absorbed into a new world. At least IN THEORY. Because you see. I HAVE NEVER in my 10 years of actually playing RPGS have ever been able to actually BEAT AN RPG. Xenogears, Final Fantasy VI, VII and XI, Chrono Trigger, Lost Oddessy Persona 3 and 4 and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. ALL CLASSICS ALL UNBEATEN.

Is it my attention span maybe it's my preference for Shmups and Fighters. Maybe I try to play too many RPGs at Once but I POPE THE REV THE 28th the Pope of gaming, just cannot finish an RPG.

And it's a real problem.

I'm just before the Magnus fight in Chrono Trigger, maybe I should dive back in.....
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