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God is a gamer and he probably plays the Sims.

I get terrible writers block my great grandmother predicted I'd be a great writer one day. But I can't write. I hate writing I tried screen writing for about a 10 year span and just got nothing. Only thing I can write is wrestling scripts and unless Triple H is doing internet searches on Semi fictional promotions I highly doubt I will ever be writing Raw and having Daneil Bryan and CM Punk Trade the WWE title for the rest of their lives. So with that said I'm just going to muse about gaming for a few paragraphs. The Subject has nothing to do with what I am going to talk about.

I need to renew my PSN+ soon I got 3 months to give it a test drive see if I enjoyed it. I LOVE IT a subscription service that lets you sample games for an hour, or until you beat it is a great idea.  I also love that PSN doesn't hide features behind a pay wall. Mircosoft would want you to think that XBOX Live over flows with value but... no to get the most out of the 360 or XBONE... $60 a year go fuck yourself if you don't pay. No XBOX live? you're lucky you can even play games on our box. You Tube and Netflix? not pay walled on PSN and they won't be on PS4. My XBOX Live gold is up in March I won't renew. I only have 5 more games I really want for 360. 4 are shmups the 5th is Mighty No 9 which I'm also getting ON PS3. I only chipped $5 into Mighty No 9 so I want to buy it for every platform I have.

Next topic I have a theory about Mega Man, a few weeks back I talked about how Capcom probably doesn't know what to do with the Blue Bomber. That may be true but Duck Tales remastered made me think something. What if Giving Way Forward Duck Tails, and giving Double Helix Strider is a test run and which ever game turns out better that Developer gets to do a New Mega Man game? Hmm..... How awesome would a Way Forward made Mega Man be?

I've been playing alot of DOA 5U as most of you that read my blog here know  and with only a few lisa and Lei Fang outlits left to unlock I'm starting to get bored with it. My friend Liam only has core fighters so it's play mindless CPU Battles or spend hours fighting Ayane. So the other day I played some Aquapazza great game and when it comes state side GET IT it's ExAmu's best game to date all their other games have been too complicated, but not Aquapazza. But also yesterday I popped Castlevania Chronicles into my PS3 The origianal mode is SO unforgiving VERY VERY Unforgiving and i thought to myself, "We love these games but they are so brutally difficult I don't know why." I cam to the conclusion that our insticnts and skills deep with in us to adapt and learn based on our surroundings are in the best games of high difficulty put full use. We play a game we learn the stages then we adapt to them. A GOOD well designed game is HARD BUT always makes it so that our skills and instincts as humans adapt and learn and also quick thinking. Take the beams in Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2 for Example you could bring it down to luck and try to clear the beams or you could clear a few beams then flash stopper that bitch. BUT you say Quick Man is weak to the Time stopper. OH He is...but he's weaker to the Crash bomb. In fact in Mega Man 2 and 3 and this just shows the genius of these games Each Robot Master is in fact weak to two weapons. Usually the Metal blade and something else. In Mega Man 3 it's their primary weakness and their own Weapon, each boss will fall in 7 hits of their own weapon in Mega Man 3. Mega Man 7 mocks this by having Freeze man Taunt you if you hit him with his own weapon. It's a testament to how well thought out Mega Man was. In A fan game like Mega Man unlmited success is not determined by learning and adapting, It's pure luck. Rainbow Man's stage is a great example of, no skill, just luck. LUCK does not make for good Level Design. Classics like Mega Man, Castlevania, Mario, Ninja Gaiden, Zelda, these games all have set patterns and obsticles, We LEARN them then over come them then when we memorize them, bend them over whip our E dicks out and make them our bitch. A Good HARD GAME is hard, but nothing you can't over come if you keep at it. \

That is all I got for today, Happy gaming
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