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Gettin real tired of yo shit Assembler.

I don't think any gaming community is with out flaws. Some will ban at the drop of a hat or
you just don't fit in and leave. THEN YOU HAVE ASSEMBLER GAMES. What used to be a adult discussion group about game preservation our love of the Sega Saturn and talk about all the goodness of gaming has due most of the members even Kevin himself, turning into grumpy fuck everything old men. There's a catch the younger members the late teens- early 20 somethings they're cool. We talk and joke about games and what we love. It's the guys over 30 that hate everything and shit on anything new they can.

Some Shit I've been putting up with there includes.

- being mocked by one member for Enjoying Games like Arcana Heart and Guilty Gear, and
Being a huge Cave fan. Because if he hates it everyone should because it's what's wrong with gaming.

-They REALLY hate the Android, they don't like iOS either but they HATE the Android. These grumpy oldmen HATE the concept of an open platform anyone can develop on.
I guess they all Dispite the Apple IIe which back in the day was like, ya know the Ouya is now.

-There's an unspoken Anti Sony bias. YES like everywhere else there is huge backlash against the XBOX One My XBOX Backlash began a few months back when I was just getting sick of the lack of Exclusives that I as an XBOX Owner was getting. As I started getting passionate and wanted to talk about my pending leap over to Sony land, I was labeled a fanboy and told to shut up about it.

- I can't even tell you how many times I've been banned for no reason, they let me back after a few weeks when they realize I'm a voice of reason.

- Super DAE the patholigical liar who claims to have been hacked and FBI raided and pretty must is just a pathological liar used to troll there before he started lying to Kotaku.

So why am I blogging about my anger with this website on a platform like Destructoid?
This is a forum that needs some new blood some 30 somethings like me who just wanna talk about games and open platforms and awesome shmups and fighters without getting mocked for it, and I think if people who are more chill like me joined as well as some young blood I think the forum's attitude will change and revert back to being a celebration of the old and new as we all share what we love in gaming, talk about game development and be excited about things without a few angry old men derailing our talks into some "I'm an old man everything sucks" thread.

So take this as an invitation to help a once great gaming community, not suck anymore.

Oh and the other reason, I wanted to tell off the board without them knowing it's me as my name on there is quite different from what I use on here.
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