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Fanboyism is long as you don't "Tropic Thunder Reference" with it.

Recently I took that "Fanboyism is retarded" But you know what for the month we all thought the XBOX One was going to be the console to bend us over and rape our gaping assholes with DRM. It was fun to go at it with Blind XBOX Fanboys and techheads that aren't really tech heads and I approched that argument as a XBOX guy from day one who was just jadded with the XBOX Brand.

I imgine Fanboyism goes back as Far as the 2600 VS the Intellivision and Coleco but that was before my time. The NES VS Master System, you have no argument and only now mostly from people outside the US has the dialog about NES VS Master System opened...and there's still no argument. I had a Master System as a kid I may have been the only American to have one...any notion it was better than the NES, was shattered when I played Mega Man 2. The 16 bit Generation is when the My dick is bigger than yours contest truly began. Every system from that Era had great Merits. The long great debates over SNES or Genesis I would have with my cousin into the wee hours of the morning were as fun as Street Fighter II, Super Mario world, Mega Man X, Streets of Rage and Sonic were. A true testament to this console war is that we STILL talk about which was better the SNES or Genesis and we can have this debate until Christ himself comes back and Jesus be like, "PC Engine foo" But I like that, I like that a You Tube show like Game Sack can have that fanboy banter, between two middle aged men and it's endearing. Or that the AVGN can discuss this topic using his past self. As a kid I was Hardcore SNES but now as an Adult, I lean more towards the Mega Drive/Genesis. But also still recognize the awesomeness of the SNES. This is a fun debate. The same extends to the Playstation VS Saturn and later N64. and more recently for me I've been a Champion for the Xbox, until I finally accepted that Sony gets all the exclusives. But warring with PS3 fanboys, that was fun. More fun when I was on the other side.

But now I need to talk to the assholes of the argument. The Self entitled eliteist nazi snobs called PC Gamers. I have BY PC Gamers and not by fans other consoles but just by PC gamers for not being a "A member of the master race" (I don't care if it's a joke that's just wrong you fucking assholes) a "Homosexual dick something or other" "Fake gamer" "Insult so incoherent but assholish at the same time it's not worth repeating" and inresponse to being called a Nazi one low life piece of shit said "We Exterminate inperfections" All because I play on a console.

My problem with it is this, If you can't convey yourside of the gaming spectrum politely and maturely without having to resort to insults and NASTY ONES not playful but downright mean and nasty ones. That doesn't say much for your character not as a gamer but as a Human being and maybe it's a minority but the things PC Gamers have said to me JUST because I'm a console gamer. Don't make me think too highly of them as a human beings. That's "when you go full retard" when you take playful debates and arguments and just be a real asshole about it. Maybe some of you are PC gamers and
don't think console gamers are inferior and don't care it's just gaming if you are COMMENT and show me because I really am starting to think all PC Gamers as snobbish assholish nazis. I have no problem with the PC as a gaming platform, it's just the type of people I assocate with it.

So yeah lets enjoy another generation of XBOX One VS PS4 VS Wii U, But PC Gamers, Shut the fuck up unless you  have something worth while to say that isn't insulting or demeaning to somebody else. Like MOST (I say most but I'm thinking ALL) of you do. I have no issue with PCs, but I'm not made of money and can't build a $5000 Rig that can play Crysis 5.

I mean it's just a silly hobby.
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