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Daisuke Isiwatari Listened to Metallica the Guilty Gear Xrd OST was the Result

The Badnews...it's 90s Metallica

If Lars isn't playing Drums on the Xrd Soundtrack I'm shocked. It still has that Guilty Gear flair to it but Bedman's theme, Sol's Dragon Install theme, Millia's theme. Might as well call the Xrd Soundtrack UNload. 

This isn't a bad thing. Unless you REALLY hate mid 90s Metallica. Chipp's theme is a call back to 80s Metallica with that bassline. So there's that. It's interesting when I heard most of Blazblue's soundtrack or other Guilty Gear soundtracks I don't get reminded of any one band but Xrd, No doubt it has a heavy Metallica influence and Guilty Gear has always had that running gag of a shit ton of bands being referenced but this emphasis on sounding like Metallica is a bit...odd.

Now...can we get a game that looks like a Tool Video?
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