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Complaining on the internet can only do so much, Complain to the Top

Ok so we're all pissed off about the XBOX One. Maybe a few Lemmings are ZOMG NEW XBOXZ I CAN HAZ HALO>. But most of us with a brain, are pretty pissed off. Complaining and bitching on the internet isn't going to fix that.

Sending E-mails, Letters and Phone calls to Steve Balmer's office however....

I found a consumerist article that has His e-mail address, Office Phone Number and mailing address and thought it may be productive to direct angry gamers to it. Taking your issues direct to the top has been fruitful in the past

The only thing I ask all of you, is that you be civil in your e-mails, letters and phone calls. Refrain from profanity, refrain threats. Give a well thought out argument for exactly why you as a gamer are a bit pissed off by the XBOX One. Bringing up Past customer loyalty might also help.

It may be a long shot but my father taught me that if you're going to complain to a company, Complain to the top. 

What's the worst that can happen to us?

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