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And then Reality kicks in, So many awesome games not enough time.

I love gaming I love the escape it provides. I love that talented and even not so talented people can create worlds made out of 0s and 1s. No Doubt I'll get a PS4, I'll also get a 3ds for all my Nintendoing. I'm also a retro collector I'm getting a Retron 5 for my birthday and as close to a complete Mega Man/Rockman set as I can get. UPS will deliver a PS3 to my door and I already have 6 games to tackle for it with 2 more on the way. Before that I need to beat Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge on my 360 I'm at the end so YAY?
 I also collect for the Dreamcast and Saturn and I can't even Tell you how my PS2 games I have burned and legit to play. OH and my N64 which I bought on Wii U launch Day I still have to play the fuck out of Sin and Punishment. Back to the Saturn I have a Japanese burning rangers that needs my attention and Nights isn't going to beat it self. Chibi Robo hasn't even been in my Gamecube yet.

It's not that I'm  never going to play everything. It's more I have so much shit and all my friends have moved off out of state and country so Don't have many people to share my huge collection with. I do primarily play Shmups and fighters and most of my time goes there so non fighters 15 hour+ games don't get much playtime. I can't finish RPGs I just can't.

SO as excited as I am for the PS4 Reality sets in. I'm just simply not going to have time to take in all the awesomeness.

Maybe I'll get all my consoles over again and put them in my work office so I can play at work and home.

Working in Psychology allows for such free time.
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